Bamboo Sheets Queen in White: Queen-Size Bamboo Sheet Set

These Queen-size bamboo sheets can help you to overcome night sweats because they are refreshingly cool and breathable, highly absorbent, and moisture-wicking. Our 100% rayon from bamboo sheets are 3 times more breathable than conventional cotton and readily pull perspiration away from your skin and allowing you to sleep cool and comfortably all night long.

Our Queen-size bamboo sheets are also luxuriously soft and silky-smooth, letting you feel thoroughly snug, comfortable, and pampered.

Finally, you may sleep well with a good conscience because our bed linen is eco-friendly and sustainable.

When it comes to a bamboo sheet set Queen is the most popular size, and the white color brightens up your bedroom and creates a sense of purity and freshness.

Beat night sweats, and experience better sleep with these Queen-size bamboo sheets, today.

Product Contents

Each set of these Queen-size bamboo sheets from BedVoyage™ comes with:

  • 1 Fitted Sheet: Measuring 60” x 80” x 18” (with tight elastic all-around)
  • 1 Flat Sheet: Measuring 97” x 109” (includes 1 extra foot for best tuck-in)
  • 2 Queen Pillowcases: Measuring 21” x 34” (roomier for easy fit)
Bamboo Sheets Queen in White: Queen-Size Bamboo Sheet Set
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