Bamboo Sheets Queen in Champagne: Queen-Size Bamboo Sheet Set

For bamboo bed sheets Queen is a favorite among many. They are eco-friendly and sustainable because bamboo is a highly renewable resource.

Bamboo sheets can also help you to overcome night sweats because they are refreshingly cool and breathable, highly absorbent, and moisture-wicking. Our Queen-size bamboo sheets will readily pull perspiration away from your skin and enable you to sleep cool and comfortably all night long.

Moreover, bamboo rayon sheets make you feel thoroughly snug, comfy, and pampered. They are luxuriously soft and silky-smooth, being twice as soft as conventional cotton.

When it comes to bamboo bed sheets Queen is the most popular size, and the champagne color evokes feelings of happiness, joy, and romance in your bedroom.

Feel good about doing your part for planet Earth by getting some bamboo bedding, today.

Product Contents

Each set of our Queen-size bamboo bed sheets from BedVoyage™ comes with:

  • 1 Fitted Sheet: Measuring 60” x 80” x 18” (with tight elastic all-around)
  • 1 Flat Sheet: Measuring 97” x 109” (includes 1 extra foot for best tuck-in)
  • 2 Queen Pillowcases: Measuring 21” x 34” (roomier for easy fit)
Bamboo Sheets Queen in Champagne: Queen-Size Bamboo Sheet Set
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