Bamboo Sheets King in White: King-Size Bamboo Sheet Set

Bamboo bed sheets are environmentally friendly and sustainable because bamboo is a highly renewable resource.

Since we provide 100% rayon from bamboo sheets, your experience of extreme softness and silky smoothness will be authentic. It is time for you to feel thoroughly pampered and get a good night’s sleep. The reward of waking up energized and refreshed is priceless.

Additionally, bamboo bed sheets have micro-gaps that trap cool air, making you feel about 2 degrees cooler, and keeping you dry and comfortable all night long. This is perfect for you if you experience night sweats.

When it comes to bamboo sheets King is certainly popular among customers. The white color brightens up your bedroom and signifies purity and freshness.

Be environmentally responsible by choosing our bamboo bed sheets, today.

Product Contents

Every King-size bamboo sheet set from BedVoyage™ comes with:

  • 1 Fitted Sheet: Measuring 78” x 80” x 18” (with tight elastic all-around)
  • 1 Flat Sheet: Measuring 116” x 109” (includes 1 extra foot for best tuck-in)
  • 2 King Pillowcases: Measuring 21” x 40” (roomier for easy fit)
Bamboo Sheets King in White: King-Size Bamboo Sheet Set
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