What are Bamboo Sheets?

What are bamboo sheets?

The question, “what are bamboo sheets?”, may best be answered by evaluating a series of related questions. The following are some good questions we can ask about bamboo bed sheets, as well as their corresponding answers.

What are bamboo sheets made of?

Bamboo sheets are made of rayon from bamboo. First, farmers harvest bamboo crops by severing the stalks above the root. Bamboo cellulose is then extracted from the bamboo stalks and then spun into bamboo rayon fibers. Finally, the bamboo rayon fibers are woven into sheets and used to make bed linen and clothing.

What do bamboo sheets feel like?

Bamboo sheets feel incredibly soft and luxuriously smooth. You may notice that bamboo rayon sheets feel twice as soft as conventional cotton sheets and that they get softer with every wash. The lower hairiness rating of bamboo yarn also contributes toward it feeling smoother because a greater surface area of the sheets is covered by smooth fiber sides instead of relatively rough fiber tips.

Bamboo bed sheets also tend to feel about 3 degrees cooler than cotton bed sheets. This is due to the micro-gaps that exist in bamboo rayon fabric. The micro-gaps trap cool air and help to keep your skin well-ventilated.

And if you have night sweats and hot flashes, you will find much relief from using bamboo bed linen because bamboo cloth is moisture-wicking. It readily absorbs perspiration from your skin and transfers it to the outer surface of the sheets where it evaporates. This helps you to feel dry and comfortable all night long.

What are bamboo sheets that will serve you well?

Not all bamboo bed sheets are the same, so it is good to know more about what to look for in bamboo sheets. You will want to get sheets with a thread count of 300. This offers the optimal balance between smoothness and ventilation. Too high a thread count and the weave will be too tight, resulting in reduced breathability. Too low a thread count and the bamboo rayon sheets will not feel as smooth.

You will also want bamboo bed linen that has a tight twill weave. The alternative, sateen weave, tends to snag more easily and results in pilling, which creates a lot of lumpy and unsightly fuzzballs. In contrast, a tight twill weave keeps the bamboo rayon fibers secure while giving your sheets a beautiful sheen.

Finally, in terms of being eco-friendly, the best bamboo bed sheets are those from retailers that are supplied by wholesalers accountable to eco-standards organizations. Eco-standards organizations, such as Green America and Oeko-Tex, certify their members for adopting environmentally responsible practices and adhering to sustainable processes. When you choose your bamboo bed sheets from such sources, you are doing your part to save the Earth.

Bamboo sheets will greatly improve sleep quality for you and your family

Now we have explored what are bamboo sheets. Getting some bamboo sheet sets can help you get better sleep and feel well-rested so that you may fully enjoy your daytime activities. Whether it be wholeheartedly participating in social events or caring for the people whom you love, you and your family will achieve greater pleasure and satisfaction after having had a good night’s sleep.

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