Bamboo Sheets California King

Bamboo Sheets California King

California King-Size Bamboo Sheets are Favored by Taller People

With bamboo sheets California King is more popular with taller people. You can obtain better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed with bamboo bedding because it is soft and velvety.

Since bamboo rayon sheets are breathable and moisture-wicking, you also obtain relief from night sweats. Plus, these Cal King bamboo sheets are made with eco-friendly practices.

A California King-size mattress will measure 72 inches across and 84 inches from head to foot. The flat sheet and fitted sheet in our Cal King bamboo sheet sets have added length to their measurements for an easier fit.

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In Each Set of Our Bamboo Sheets California King Comes With:

  • One Fitted Sheet: Measuring 72” x 84” x 18” (with tight elastic all-around and extra deep pockets)

  • One Flat Sheet: Measuring 110” x 113” (includes 1 extra foot for best tuck-in)

  • Two Pillowcases: Measuring 21” x 40” (roomier for easy fit)

By the way, this page is about California King-Size Bamboo Sheets, not to be confused with King-Size Bamboo Sheets.

Only 100% Bamboo Rayon: The Ultimate in Comfort

Looking for the ultimate in comfort? Look no further than our bedsheets made from 100% bamboo rayon. Unlike other sheets on the market that may be a blend of bamboo rayon with other fabrics, our comfortable sheets are made purely from bamboo rayon for a soft, silky feel that you won't find anywhere else.

Your Pillows will Fit Effortlessly into Our Cal King-Size Pillowcases with Extra Room

Our bamboo sheets are designed for ease of use.Our Cal King pillowcases measure 40 inches wide by 21 inches long. It may be hard to fit pillows into pillowcases if they are too tight. As a result, we have added additional length and width to our luxuriously-smooth and soft pillowcases so you may easily slip your pillows in.

We Added an Extra 12 Inches to Our Cal King Flat Sheet for Optimum Tuck In

One flat sheet from us in Cal King is a whopping 110 inches by 113 inches. Typical flat sheets often become dislodged from beneath the mattress when they have insufficient length for anchoring. Therefore, we created flat sheets that have an additional 12 inches. Then, you can firmly tuck in their edges beneath your mattress easily.

The Quality Elastic in Our Cal King Fitted Sheet won't Pop Off Your Mattress Corners

The elastic band runs 360 degrees round the edges of our Cal King fitted sheet, rather than only around the corners, as is the case with lots of other sheets. It's aggravating when your fitted sheet's corners come off the mattress following an active night in your bed. As a result, we designed fitted sheets that grip firmly to the mattress.

The Extra Deep Pockets on our Fitted Sheet will Fit Over the Thickest Mattresses

The fitted sheet from us is designed with 18-inch deep pockets. It is possible your mattress is thicker than most. As a result, we have made sure our deep pocket sheets have extra large pockets to envelop the thickest mattresses or even those on an adjustable bed.

Our Bamboo Sheets are not Treated with Harmful Substances like Formaldehyde

Formaldehyde can be harmful to your health, so you should avoid it whenever you can. Our bamboo rayon sheets are not treated with formaldehyde. Indeed, they have qualified for the OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification, which means they are safe for your family.

Safe and Environmentally Friendly

Our bamboo sheet set satisfies eco-certification requirements that promise they are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEXThe STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® Certification Means that Our Products have Been Tested Against Safety Guidelines

The OEKO-TEX® brand is a textile industry auditing, testing, and certification system. When you notice label for STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® on a product, it indicates that it has been validated in an impartial laboratory.

Every label by OEKO-TEX has a unique code that may be checked from their website to assure authenticity. This is guarantee that our bamboo sheet set is safe for your family.

We Have a Green America Supplier for Our Bamboo Sheets

Green AmericaOur bamboo rayon sheets come from BedVoyage™, a Green America-certified firm. This implies they are committed to producing healthy, eco-friendly, and ethically manufactured goods.

When you buy items from Green America-certified businesses, you are helping companies that adhere to policies that improve life for consumers, workers, communities, and environment. The Green Business Network is made up of forward-thinking leaders who are transforming the American business environment.

Our Manufacturing Plant is Fair Trade

Fair Trade FactoryWe use a factory that is Fair Trade, which means that it is committed to safer working conditions and sustainable practices in producing our bamboo rayon sheets. In factories that are concerned about the health and safety of their employees, fair salaries, reasonable hours, and safer working conditions are upheld and maintained.

Fair Trade certifications signal that a firm puts people and the environment first. As a result, they acknowledge that the purchase and sale of items has an impact on other individuals' lives. Environmental protection, safer working conditions, sustainable livelihoods, long-term employment opportunities, and social responsibility are the hallmarks of Fair Trade.

We Use Tight Twill Weave for Our Bamboo Sheets

The most prevalent types of weave for bamboo sheets are silky sateen weave and twill weave. However, our 300 thread count bedsheets are made of tight twill weave as it protects the bamboo fibers in the sheet set from catching on hard items. As a result, pilling is less likely and your comfortable sheets will have better durability. They make for a cozy sleeping environment by hanging over your torso more smoothly than sateen weave, making these softest sheets hug you gently and snugly.

A Thread Count of 300: The Ideal Balance Between Breathability and Softness

When shopping for bed linen, numerous individuals think higher thread counts create superior bedlinen. However, this is not entirely accurate. When thread counts are too high, even the best sheets are not as breathable. When the yarn has been woven extremely tight, air cannot flow freely through the textile. But if thread counts are too low, then the bedsheets will feel scratchy and harsh. Also, they are less durable than fabrics made with more threads.

You should choose 300 thread count bedsheets. Because bamboo rayon sheets are naturally soft, they do not require a high thread count to achieve maximum comfort. With a 300 thread count, your bamboo bed sheets are extremely smooth, soft, and silky, yet breathable.

Luxurious and Smooth, Light as a Feather

Our bamboo sheets are so soft and so breathable.Bamboo rayon is incredibly soft and exudes opulence. Cotton fibers appear like rough rope under a microscope, whereas bamboo viscose fibers are smooth and cylindrical. This enables bamboo rayon to glide easily on your sensitive skin without causing irritation.

Our OEKO-TEX certified bamboo sheets feel like a layer of luxury that is light and gentle. It feels refreshing and smooth, like honey. These softest sheets wrap around you snugly and comfortably like a mother's loving arms.

Our Bamboo Sheets have Micro-Gaps to Boost Ventilation and are Highly Breathable

The finest bamboo rayon sheets contain micro-gaps, which allow your skin to breathe. They enable the release of body heat and provide your delicate skin with a continual supply of fresh air. As a result, this fabric is very permeable and provides outstanding ventilation for skin. If you use our 300 thread count bedsheets as bedding, they will keep skin feeling revitalized throughout the night.

Absorbent Qualities to Keep You Dry and Comfortable Through the Night

Our 300 thread count bamboo bed sheet is exceptionally absorbent, able to soak up three times its weight in moisture. Even when you sweat a lot during the night, you may rest assured that our bedsheets continue to absorb your perspiration and not get soggy. Therefore, you can sleep comfortably throughout the night with our bamboo sheet set.

Your Bamboo Sheets will Stay Fresh and Dry Thanks to Moisture-Wicking Qualities

Bamboo viscose fabric removes sweat from skin and moves it away to the outer surface of your sheets. There, it evaporates while you sleep. Your bedding stays dry and body heat is released into the surrounding air when your sweat evaporates.

Relief from Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

These California King-sized bamboo sheets are a suitable and wonderful option for individuals who frequently sleep hot or have night sweats. Their moisture-wicking qualities and enhanced absorbency bring relief to hot sleepers so that they won't feel damp at night. Furthermore, their cooling qualities assist to prevent overheating. Furthermore, our 300 thread count bedding has enhanced breathability, which helps prevent extra perspiration resulting from poor ventilation.

Slows Bacterial Growth

Less bacteria on your bamboo sheets results in a stronger immune system.Studies have demonstrated that bacteria develops and multiplies much more slowly on bamboo viscose than on typical cotton, according to research. As a result, the quantity of germs on bamboo bedding is significantly lower than on cotton sheets.

Additionally, moisture-wicking properties in our bed linen produce another advantage: bacterial growth is resisted. Bacteria thrive in a humid and warm environment. Bamboo rayon has characteristics that wick moisture away so that they deny bacteria the humidity that they require to grow.

Bacteria grows at a normal rate on cotton fabric, according to a scientific research published in Journal of Family Ecology and Consumer Sciences, but at considerably slower rates on bamboo viscose.

Bamboo Sheets can Help You Reduce Allergies and Fight Dust Mites

A frequent case of allergies are droppings from dust mites. Such allergies can include watery eyes, breathing difficulties, and skin rashes. Dust mites thrive in warm and humid conditions. Our bamboo sheet set have hypoallergenic qualities because it wicks away moisture and deprive dust mites of humidity, which they require for development and multiplication. As a result, dust mite colonies are significantly smaller in bedsheets from us, resulting in a more hygienic environment for your sleep.

Our Bamboo Bed Sheets are OEKO-TEX Certified and an Excellent Choice for Sensitive Skin

For individuals with sensitive skin, dampness, germs, or friction may all cause irritation. Our bamboo bed sheet, on the other hand, keeps sensitive skin dry and stop bacterial development. It also keeps your body temperature cool throughout the night. Then you won't sweat as much.

Bamboo sheets are an excellent choice for sensitive skin.In addition to that, our bamboo sheet set is luxuriously smooth and refreshingly cool. They glide over your body without irritation, making them a dream come true for sensitive skin. Furthermore, our bedding is certified with STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX, which means it has been tested for hazardous chemicals in an impartial facility.

Our Bamboo Rayon Sheets can Help You Build a Stronger Immune System

With their gentleness, breathability, smoothness, and absorbency, our bedsheets offer superior sleep for your family. That is especially significant for adaptive immunity since good sleep can improve your immune system's capacity to fight infections. The soft bamboo rayon also inhibits bacteria from growing. As a result, your sleeping conditions are more sanitary because there will be less germs present, resulting in an immune system that is stronger.

As the Guinness World Record Holder for Fastest Growing Plant, Bamboo can Grow 3 Feet per Day

Our bamboo sheets are made from eco-friendly and sustainable raw materials.Our bamboo rayon sheets are constructed using perhaps the most ecologically friendly raw material on the planet. Bamboo can grow three feet each day and holds the Guinness World Record for being the world's quickest growing plant. As a result, this crop allows for considerably greater raw material quantities to be generated per acre.

After Harvest, Bamboo Replenishes Itself by Regrowing

Bamboo farms save on labor because, when bamboo stalks are cut during the raw material harvest, new ones grow back as replacements. As a result, organic bamboo plantations are more sustainable since they need less human involvement in the replacement of their crops.

Bamboo is an Excellent Crop for Improving Soil Conservation

Bamboo crops need not be planted again after harvesting. As a result, their roots stay in the earth to shield topsoil from erosion and landslides. Consequently, bamboo agriculture provides more sustainability for the environment because it contributes to soil preservation.

The Bamboo Crop Uses Less Water Than Other Plants

Bamboo crops do not require irrigation because they are more efficient at using water, consuming only 33% of water that regular cotton plants need. As a result of this, algae blooms, soil erosion, and surface water pollution caused by agricultural irrigation systems or similar technologies are irrelevant for organic bamboo farms.

How to Care for Your Bamboo Sheets

Our soft and cool bamboo bedding is durable, but you may enhance its longevity by following these tips.

Before You First Use Them, Wash Your Bamboo Sheets

Fabric Care for Bamboo SheetsLint is produced by the bamboo rayon production process. As a result, before you use them, you need to wash the bedsheets in warm water using the gentle setting without any additional blankets or towels in the mix to eliminate any lint that built up when your bamboo rayon sheets were being produced at the factory.

This will also enable shrinking during the first time you wash them. They design our bamboo viscose sheets with additional length in order for them to shrink. It is important that you wash bamboo bedding so that it can shrink to its intended size and fit on your mattress properly.

Washing Instructions: 

  • It's safe to machine wash bamboo bedding.

  • When you use the machine on bamboo sheets, choose the mild cycle.

  • Warm water should be used on the initial wash. However, do not make it too hot.

  • All washes after the first should be performed with warm water, ideally 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius). High heat will harm your bamboo sheet set.

  • Washing your bamboo rayon sheets apart from other items of laundry is recommended. Doing this will prevent the bedding from accumulating lint or catching on to hard surfaces. Also, we don't wish your sheets to be worn down by rubbing against rough cloths excessively.

  • Which detergent should you use for your bamboo sheets?Detergent for bamboo sheets should be mild. Aspen Clean, Seventh Generation, Meyer's Clean Day, and Ecos are all examples of mild detergent brands that we recommend.

  • Laundry balls and dryer sheets are not recommended. Laundry balls might catch on to your bamboo bed sheets and residue can be deposited by dryer sheets.

  • Fabric softener should not be used. Immediately following a wash, bamboo sheets may appear rigid. However, after they have dried fully, they will naturally revert to being extremely soft.

  • Bleach is much too strong for bamboo sheets, so no bleaching, please. Rather than that, please apply the solutions described in our article about how to remove stains from bamboo sheets.

Drying Instructions: 

  • When dry-tumbling bamboo sheets, use low heat. High heat can harm bamboo rayon sheets.

  • Avoid combining bamboo sheets with other kinds of clothing in the tumble dryer. We need to keep your sheet set safe from lint accumulation from towels. We also want to keep them from getting caught on hard surfaces like zippers. Furthermore, we wish to prevent damage sustained through rubbing on rough fabrics.

  • Don't put too much laundry in the tumble dryer. Overloaded dryers can produce overly wrinkled bamboo sheets, even though they can resist wrinkling.

  • Before putting bamboo rayon sheets into the clothes dryer, shake them out. This will aid in the reduction of wrinkles on the bedsheets.

  • Don't leave the bamboo sheet set in the tumble dryer too long once the cycle has finished. Otherwise, it will set in the wrinkles and creases.

Store your bamboo sheets with careStorage Instructions: 

  • Plastic bags, plastic containers, and cardboard boxes are not allowed. Plastic storage may cause mildew growth while cardboard can contain acids, which may leak into your bedsheets.

  • Bamboo sheets should be kept in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated location.

  • We recommend a detailed step-by-step guide for folding your fitted sheets. Here are our illustrated instructions: