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The Best Bamboo Sheets: Are They Better than Others?

The Best Bamboo Sheets: Are They Better than Others?

The best bamboo sheets can contribute to good and uninterrupted sleep, which effectively lowers the risk of developing major health issues as we age. Poor sleep habits have been linked to a greater potential of suffering medical conditions such as diabetes and even heart disease.

Are bamboo sheets the best? Let us explore various aspects, such as comfort, health, and sustainability.

The Comfort of the Best Bamboo Sheets can Contribute to Better Sleep

Bamboo rayon sheets are soft, smooth, and breathable. The comfort provided by bamboo fabrics can be instantly felt when you snuggle up in them. To a great extent, they are more comfortable than cotton.

Micro-gaps in the best bamboo sheets make them highly breathable. These micro-gaps trap cool air from the surroundings and ventilate your skin. They also prevent the accumulation of body heat under the sheets by allowing it to escape. Hence, you will feel cool and comfortable all night long.

Additionally, the best bamboo sheets feel smooth to the touch. When you look at conventional cotton yarn under a microscope, it looks as rough as hemp rope. In comparison, yarn made from bamboo rayon looks smooth, round, and tubular. These structural differences give bamboo sheets their luxurious texture and enable them to easily glide over your skin without chafing.

Moreover, the best bamboo sheets are highly absorbent and moisture-wicking. They are able to absorb up to three times their weight in water. Therefore, they will not easily become saturated with your perspiration. Furthermore, bamboo bed sheets have moisture-wicking properties. This means that they quickly draw perspiration away from your skin and transport it to the outer surface of your sheets where it evaporates. This saves you from feeling hot and sticky with sweat and allows you to sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Get Better Health With Bamboo Bed Sheets

Bamboo sheets resist bacteria. According to a study published in the Journal of Family Ecology and Consumer Sciences, scientists observed that bacteria grows significantly slower on bamboo rayon fabric than on cotton. This is especially true for bamboo viscose that has not been blended with any of type of yarn. Therefore, the bacteria population on the best bamboo sheets will be comparatively smaller.

Additionally, bamboo viscose sheets resist dust mites. Bamboo rayon fabric robs dust mites of the moisture they require to thrive and reproduce. Therefore, dust mite populations are drastically smaller on the best bamboo sheets. This is healthier because dust mite droppings are allergens that trigger a multitude of allergic reactions, such as asthma, dermatitis, and rhinitis.

Towards a Better Earth by Choosing Bamboo Rayon Sheets

Bamboo is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly natural sources of fabric you can find. When compared to conventional cotton, bamboo consumes less water and does not require irrigation. It uses water more efficiently than other plants and does not cause environmental considerations associated with agricultural irrigation systems. Hence, the production of the best bamboo sheets does not cause problems such as drainage water resulting in algae blooms, increased soil erosion, and pollution of surface and groundwater.

Bamboo crops do not need to be replanted after harvest because their stalks spontaneously regenerate after being cut. Hence, the bamboo roots remain in the ground to preserve topsoil and protect it against soil erosion. Incidentally, bamboo is often planted close to riverbanks for the purpose of controlling erosion and preventing landslides. In these ways, the best bamboo sheets can be considered better for soil conservation.

Furthermore, bamboo also holds the Guinness World Record as the fastest-growing plant. It is able to grow up to 3 feet a day and therefore yields more raw material per acre than conventional cotton crops. By using bamboo rayon sheets, we can rely on a raw material that requires less land for farming and is less taxing on the planet.

The Best Bamboo Sheets are Better Than Others in Many Ways

We have established various ways that the best bamboo sheets are better for comfort, better for health, and better for the Earth. Therefore, please introduce the benefits of bamboo rayon sheets to your friends and family so that they may sleep better all night, every night.

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Will Bamboo Sheets Shrink in Hot Water?

Will bamboo sheets shrink in hot water?

Even the best bamboo sheet sets will shrink when you wash them in hot water for the first time. Shrinking is something that happens with most clothes and bedding. It is a natural and common occurrence that happens with the first wash in hot water. Many garments have instructions on how to avoid shrinkage and protect the fabric. Bamboo sheets are no exception.

Help Your Best Bamboo Sheet Sets to Shrink Well During the First Wash

Your best bamboo sheets can shrink up to six percent with the first wash. Manufacturers know shrinkage will happen and design the sheets a bit larger to compensate for the first wash.

When you get your first set of bamboo rayon sheets, you might think to use cold water to preserve them. However, the first wash should use hot water to cause shrinkage. Why would you want to cause shrinkage? To make them fit your bed better since they were made with extra length for this purpose.

You will not wash your best bamboo bed sheets this way every time but only on the first wash.

Different Types of Shrinkage

There are a few types of shrinkage. The first type is felting shrinkage. Felting shrinkage occurs with animal fiber clothes. This type of shrinkage is often called progressive shrinkage because it happens more and more each time you wash the fibers. The best bamboo sheet sets are not affected by this type of shrinkage.

Relaxation shrinkage occurs when fabrics like cotton, silk, linens, or synthetic performance fiber get exposed to excessive moisture. When the fibers are exposed to the water, they soak it up and expand. This causes the fabric to shrink. Shrinkage only takes up one percent of the overall piece and will not cause too much damage. Relaxation shrinkage does not seriously affect the best bamboo sheets.

Consolidation shrinkage is the type that applies to the best bamboo bed sheets. It results from the combination of moisture, heat, and mechanical action. These factors cause the fabric fibers to release any tension that occurred during the construction of the item. It will relax the fibers and return to its natural state, which happens to always be smaller. This shrinkage occurs during the first wash cycle and dramatically reduces the size of the garment.

Care for the Best Bamboo Sheets During Subsequent Washes

Even your best bamboo sheet sets will shrink for the first wash in hot water. After that, you should not continue to use hot water. Although hot water will not cause further shrinkage, it can cause heat damage to your best bamboo bed sheets.

Moreover, cold water is more effective at dealing with stains and it helps your best bamboo sheets to retain moisture. The high heat from hot water and the clothes dryer sucks moisture from your bamboo bedding and damages the fibers. This decreases the longevity of even your best bamboo sheet sets, since they are categorized as a delicate fabric.

Furthermore, you should wash your bamboo sheets on a gentle cycle. Too much friction from the washing machine can damage fibers too.

Although the sheets may feel stiff when you take them out of the washer, they return to being extremely soft after they have dried completely. Therefore, avoid using fabric softeners and dryer sheets on your bamboo bed linen.

The Best Bamboo Sheet Sets Will Need Hot Water to Shrink on the First Wash and Will Need Cold Water for All Other Washes

Remember, for their first wash, the best bamboo sheets will need hot water. The heat will shrink your bamboo rayon sheets to fit your bed properly. Subsequent washes should use only cold water because it does not damage your bamboo bedding like hot water does. When you properly care for your bamboo bed sheet set, you will enjoy comfort and luxury in your bed for many years to come.

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For Best Quality Bamboo Sheets, Which Detergent to Use?

For best quality bamboo sheets, which detergent to use?

The best quality bamboo sheets are delicate fabrics. However, if you use the correct detergent, they will last for years. High quality bamboo sheets are one of the few things that get softer and more luxurious after each wash. To keep your bamboo bedding feeling its best, we recommend using detergents like Seventh Generation, Ecos and Mrs. Meyers.

For Best Quality Bamboo Sheets, We Recommend a Detergent like Seventh Generation

When it is time to wash your high quality bamboo sheets, our recommendation is to use an eco-friendly detergent. Seventh Generation more than fits the bill. However, it goes a step further. They create detergent from renewable plant-based resources.

Seventh Generation understands that life can get messy and stains happen. However, using harsh stain removers will damage your quality bamboo sheets. Seventh Generation detergent can easily tackle 60 of life’s common stains while being gentle on your bamboo bedding. So, do not worry about those muddy dog prints on your bamboo sheets. The enzyme fighting power in Seventh Generation will leave your bamboo bed linen looking clean and feeling soft.

Ecos is a Perfect Example of a Detergent for High Quality Bamboo Sheets

Ecos has a unique way of keeping your best quality bamboo sheets clean. They are a plant-based detergent and they have a superpower ingredient, which is coconuts.

Coconuts have exceptional cleaning properties while being extremely gentle. Therefore, this laundry soap is the perfect choice when you launder bamboo sheets. Also, coconuts are a highly renewable resource. A coconut tree can produce 50 coconuts a year, and most live for 80 years.

Eco’s founder Van Vlahakis made a commitment 50 years ago to create cleaning products that protect both humans and the planet. That commitment is still holding strong today.

Quality Bamboo Sheets are Best Washed with Detergent like Mrs. Meyers

Mrs. Meyers is another eco-friendly detergent that we recommend for cleaning your best quality bamboo sheets. Mrs. Meyers has the power to tackle dirt and grime without damaging your bamboo bedding. Also, 98 percent of their ingredients come from nature.

Mrs. Meyers is a mother of nine who understands that cleaning is something that needs to be done. However, she believes that cleaning should smell good. Just imagine how nice it will be to climb into your bed with soft, fresh bamboo sheets that smell like lavender.

Using the Proper Type of Detergent Will Preserve The Life of Your Best Quality Bamboo Sheets

There are many excellent reasons for buying good quality bamboo sheets. However, to preserve their lifespan, proper laundry care is necessary. So, use cold water and one of the detergents that we recommend to enjoy many years of quality sleep on your bamboo bed sheet set.

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Best Bamboo Sheets to Buy

Best Bamboo Sheets to Buy

The best bamboo sheets to buy are those with optimum qualities for comfort, durability, and safety. When buying bamboo sheets, you should consider the thread count, the type of weave, and any certifications that the bamboo rayon sheets have received from environmental organizations.

When Buying Bamboo Sheets, Consider the Thread Count

The thread count makes a big difference, but there is a common false belief concerning this. Many people believe that high thread counts make for better bedsheets. However, a thread count that is too high can actually have negative effects. Also, the optimal thread count for the best bamboo sheets to buy is different from that of cotton sheets.

A Thread Count that is Too High Results in Bamboo Bed Sheets that are Not as Breathable

If the thread count is too high, bamboo rayon sheets will not be as breathable. In these cases, the yarn is woven too tightly for air to easily flow through the fabric.

Moreover, fabrics with thread counts that are too high are often made using inferior threads. Manufacturers of these sheets often twist multiple low quality threads together to create a kind of two-ply yarn. In this way, they can claim to have an unrealistically high thread count. This is a deceptive marketing tactic and such substandard yarns tend to unravel and break over time, which leads to pilling. You may end up having to frequently pick fuzz balls out of your sheets.

Buying Bamboo Sheets with Too Low a Thread Count Will Result in Bedding that is not as Soft and Smooth

The lower the thread count, the more breathable the fabric is. However, if the thread count is too low, the sheets will feel rough and scratchy. You will not get the softness and smoothness that bamboo rayon is famous for.

Bamboo bed sheets with too low a thread count are also structurally weaker and are more prone to snagging.

For the Best Bamboo Sheets to Buy, The Optimal Thread Count is 300

The perfect thread count for bamboo bed sheets is 300. At a thread count of 300, the bedsheet is super soft, velvety smooth, and refreshingly breathable.

Bamboo Bed Sheets with Tight Twill Weave are More Durable and Drape Better

Twill weave is a type of weave that involves a diagonal rib across the fabric. This method is done by moving the weft thread through several warp threads, rather than the single thread of a traditional weave. Twill weave looks ribbed on the front but smooth on the back.

Twill weave secures the threads in bamboo sheets and protects them from snagging on hard objects. Therefore, fabric with twill weave is more durable than those with sateen weave. Additionally, twill weave drapes better over your body so that the sheets hug you snugly and make you feel pampered.

Tight twill weave further enhances the softness and durability of regular twill weave by weaving the yarn at a finer level.

Certifications from Eco-Standards Organizations Ensures that Your Bamboo Rayon Sheets are Tested for Harmful Substances and are Sustainably Produced

The best bamboo sheets to buy are environmentally friendly, and it is important to look for certifications from eco-standards organizations. Certified products meet extremely high standards of sustainability and ethics.

One such certification to look for is OEKO-TEX. Products certified by OEKO-TEX are tested for harmful substances and verified in independent laboratories. This certification is worthwhile to have because any chemical residue left on your bedsheets can irritate your skin and rob you of your precious sleep.

The Best Bamboo Sheets to Buy are Comfortable, Durable, and Free from Chemical Irritants

When buying bamboo sheets, you want those that are made for comfort and built to last. The thread count makes a big difference in softness and durability. Furthermore, you will also appreciate how twill weave can extend the lifespan of your bamboo rayon sheets and help it drape comfortably on your body. Finally, you want bamboo sheets that are free from any harmful chemicals so that you can sleep free from chemical irritants or health hazards.

Keep these in mind and you will certainly find some bamboo sheet sets that are perfect for your needs. Here’s to you having better sleep all night, every night!

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Do High Quality Bamboo Sheets Have Chemicals?

Do high-quality bamboo sheets have chemicals?

Do your high-quality bamboo sheets have chemicals? Can you be sure? Harmful chemicals are present in products from around 70% of bedding manufacturers. They use toxic substances, such as formaldehyde, Azo dyes, Aldicarb, and Parathion. That’s right! You’re sleeping on a bed of toxins!

You may think to yourself, “I have high-quality bamboo sheets, so I’m safe.” How sure are you that your bamboo bed sheets did not have toxic chemicals added to them? We often see food labeled as organic and safe, then months later it turns out they weren’t made to the standard. How can we be sure our bedding is?

The Problem with Harmful Chemicals on Your High-Quality Bamboo Sheets

You spend ample amounts of time in your bed. Most people spend at least eight hours, if not more. Sleeping in sheets with harmful chemicals could come with health consequences.

For example, sheets labeled “wrinkle-free” are often made with formaldehyde. Formaldehyde causes sore throats, teary eyes, sinus problems, and has been linked to cancer.

Furthermore, your favorite bright-colored sheets may contain fasteners and dyes that affect your immune system, hormones, fertility, and respiratory system. They are also linked to kidney, bladder, and liver cancer.

There is No Guarantee Unless an Eco-Standards Organization Certifies Your High-Quality Bamboo Sheets

You might be thinking, “Surely, this is illegal!” Unfortunately, there is no law against manufacturers treating bed linen with toxic chemicals. The only way to be sure is when your high-quality bamboo sheets have been audited, tested, and certified by independent eco-standards organizations, such as Oeko-Tex, Green America, or Fair Trade USA.

What Does an Oeko-Tex Sustainability Certification Guarantee?

Oeko-Tex has six different standards, each requiring different criteria. When labeled and certified with Oeko-Tex, it means they confirm that products, such as high-quality bamboo sheets, were made with human and ecological safety at all stages of production.

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification is available for textiles. These standards test for harmful substances in every part of the product. Every single component is tested, including threads, zippers, and buttons. It inspires customer confidence and assures high product safety.

Oeko-Tex STeP cetification ensures the manufacturing process is ecological and socially responsible. The ECO PASSPORT ensures environmentally friendly chemicals and colorants are used in textiles and leather production.

Oeko-Tex MADE IN GREEN label identifies textiles that were tested for harmful chemicals, were produced with ecologically sustainable methods, and were manufactured under socially responsible working conditions.

Essentially, MADE IN GREEN equals Standard 100 plus STeP.

What Does Green America Certify?

Green America certifies businesses that commit to social justice and principles of environmental sustainability. Such businesses must run in an environmentally responsible way in the sourcing of raw materials, manufacturing, and marketing.

For example, in the case of a business that deals in high-quality bamboo sheets, it needs to source its bamboo bedding from sustainable bamboo farms, have them manufactured in socially responsible factories, and practice eco-friendly methods when promoting their bamboo rayon sheets.

What Does Fair Trade USA Mean Concerning High-Quality Bamboo Sheets?

Fair Trade requires that businesses follow strict and rigorous standards. Worker’s rights, fair labor practices, and responsible land management are some of their key principles. Environmental, community, and individual well-being are also a top standard along with income sustainability.

Therefore, a Fair Trade business selling high-quality bamboo sheets must ensure all their processes are safe, sustainable, and beneficial to the community in which the bamboo rayon sheets were produced.

Sustainability Certifications are a Guarantee that Your High-Quality Bamboo Sheets are Free from Harmful Chemicals

Sustainability certifications are the only way to truly know if your high-quality bamboo sheets are safe to use. These companies uphold high standards that most companies do not meet. Companies that hold a label or meet the standards must work hard to maintain it because they undergo repeated audits and inspections annually or biannually. Therefore, the next time you purchase some bamboo sheets for yourself or your loved ones, check for these certifications before you purchase to ensure safety and sustainability.

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