What are the Advantages of Bamboo Sheets?

by Bamboo Betty

Benefits of Bamboo Sheets - The top 5 advantages

The benefits of bamboo sheets are numerous. Perhaps that is why bamboo bed sheets have recently been increasing in popularity. With a bamboo sheet set California King size options have become sought-after for anyone looking to seriously improve their quality of sleep. Below, we list five of the advantages of bamboo sheets, which are made of 100% rayon from bamboo: 

1) One of the benefits of bamboo sheets is that they are feathery soft and silky smooth

Bamboo sheets are incredibly soft and get even softer with every wash. They drape differently from conventional cotton fabric and literally hug you. 

Bamboo sheet sets are also silky smooth because bamboo yarn has an exceptionally low hairiness rating. This means that bamboo fabric has a higher surface area that is covered by smooth fiber sides instead of pointy fiber tips. You will certainly feel pampered and snug when sleeping on bamboo bed sheets

2) Another of the advantages of bamboo sheets is that they are refreshingly breathable with cooling properties

Bamboo sheets help you overcome night sweats and hot flashes. They have micro-gaps that trap cool air and allow body heat to escape. This helps to regulate your body temperature and keeps your skin well ventilated. On average, bamboo bed sheets feel 3 degrees cooler than conventional cotton sheets. 

Bamboo Sheets: Available in these sizes

3) Bamboo Sheet Sets are Amazingly Absorbent

A third example of the benefits of bamboo sheets is that bamboo rayon fabric can absorb more than its weight in water. It is moisture-wicking and readily pulls perspiration away from your skin, transferring it to the outer surface of the sheets where it evaporates. Therefore, these rayon from bamboo sheets help you feel dry and comfortable all night long

4) Bamboo sheets are durable and long-lasting

Bamboo sheet sets are resistant to pilling, especially those with tight twill weave. They are also resistant to yellowing and discoloration because they do not easily absorb oils from your skin. Bamboo bed linen is also resistant to mold and mildew. With proper care, they are generally able to last 5 to 6 years. Indeed, there are many bamboo bed sheets benefits. 

5) Bamboo bed sheets are eco-friendly and made from a highly sustainable resource

Bamboo plants grow extremely fast, up to 3 feet a day. In fact, bamboo holds the Guinness World Record for the fastest growing plant. Bamboo crops replenish themselves without human intervention. Farmers harvest them by severing the stalks above the root. Then, new stalks spontaneously grow from the root to replace the old ones!

Unlike conventional cotton plants, bamboo crops do not need to be replanted every year. Additionally, their roots remain in the ground for decades to protect against soil erosion and landslides. Bamboo plants thrive without fertilizer or pesticides, and they consume only a third of the water that conventional cotton plants do. 


With so many benefits of bamboo sheets, we believe that they are the bed linen of choice for today. They improve the quality of sleep for you and your loved ones, and help you feel well rested so that you may enjoy your daytime activities.

Article By: Bamboo Betty Bautista

Bamboo Betty is a writer with Comfy Bamboo Sheets where she blogs regularly about various topics related to bamboo sheets. She has had extensive experience researching and answering all the questions that you wanted to know about bamboo bedding. If you have a question or any topic you want Bamboo Betty to write about, please get in touch via email.

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