Quality Bamboo Sheets - What Properties to Look For

Quality bamboo sheets - What properties to look for

For quality bamboo sheets, knowing what properties to look is important when you are shopping for them. This is because some bamboo sheet sets can be better than others.

In this article, we will explore some characteristics that make certain bamboo rayon sheets superior. Then you can be mindful to look out for these qualities when you are shopping because you deserve only the best. 

Best thread count for bamboo sheets - More is not necessarily better

Knowing what to look in quality bamboo sheets starts with knowing about bamboo sheets thread count. It refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch. The number of vertical threads (warp) plus the number of horizontal threads (weft) equals the “thread count”. For most mills, it is practically impossible to weave more than 400 threads into one square inch. 

It is generally believed that a higher thread count is always better than a lower thread count. However, this may be inaccurate for two main reasons. The first reason is that some manufacturers may claim extremely high thread counts by twisting an extra strand around each thread, thereby doubling the thread count. This creates a kind of “2-ply” thread count. 

A bamboo sheets thread count of more than 400 may indicate substandard threads that are prone to pilling

Hence, a 400-thread count sheet could really be only 200 thread count using 2-ply threads. This can indicate that their individual threads are cheaper and weaker, and thus they are more easily severed. When threads break, they may end up pilling and result in lumpy and unsightly fuzzballs on your sheets. This is another thing you want to consider when you want to know what to look for in best quality bamboo sheets. 

A bamboo sheets thread count that is too high will result in reduced breathability

The second reason to look out for thread count is that when the thread count is too high, it will result in reduced breathability. The weave will be too dense so that air cannot easily flow through the sheets. As a result, you may end up with excessive perspiration and wake up feeling damp at night. 

300 thread count bamboo sheets - the perfect balance

Therefore, the best thread count for bamboo sheets is 300. This produces bamboo bed sheets that feel incredibly soft and luxuriously smooth but are also extremely breathable. This balance is important to remember when thinking about what to look for in quality bamboo sheets. 

Bamboo Bed Sheets: Available in these sizes

Bamboo sheet sets with tight twill weave are more durable and resistant to pilling

Another trait of bamboo sheets to be mindful of is the type of weave used. Do not choose sateen weave for its extra smoothness. Sateen weave sheets snag relatively easily and are more prone to pilling. Instead, you want tight twill weave because it secures the threads and makes them resistant to pilling. This will make your bamboo bed sheets more durable and keep them free from lumpy fuzzballs. This is a handy thing to learn about what to look for in high quality bamboo sheets. 

Look for bamboo sheets with eco-friendly certifications

A final thing you want to watch for is with regards to the eco-friendly and sustainable reputation of bamboo sheets. Much of the eco-friendliness of bamboo bed linen has to do with how bamboo crops are grown. 

For instance, it is generally known that bamboo plants grow well without pesticides. But it is the eco-standards organizations that verify whether the farmer really did not use any pesticides when growing the bamboo. Hence, you should get your bamboo sheets from a shop whose wholesale supplier is certified by organizations such as Green America and Oeko-Tex

Knowing about how to choose bamboo sheets can result in better sleep for you

We hope that you now know what to look for in quality bamboo sheets. When it comes to bamboo sheet set King is the most popular for couples. However, there are also other size categories available. 

We trust that your next purchase of bamboo sheets will enable you and your family to experience a lifetime of better sleep and greater comfort throughout your nights.

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