How to Wash Bamboo Sheets

How to wash bamboo sheets

Find out how to wash bamboo sheets by following the guidelines written below. Bamboo bed sheets are made of 100% rayon from bamboo, and correctly laundering your them is important for their proper maintenance and contributes towards their longevity.

Therefore we have prepared some bamboo sheets washing instructions and sincerely hope that these care tips on how to clean your bamboo bedding will enable you to achieve maximum satisfaction from using them.

Brief Instructions on How to Wash Bamboo Sheets

Here are the quick and essentials steps for washing bamboo sheets:

  1. Wash bamboo sheets before using them for the first time.
  2. Use water that is about 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius).
  3. Use low to medium temperature settings for your washing and drying cycle.
  4. Use the gentle setting on your washing machine and tumble dryer.
  5. Wash separately from other types of laundry.
  6. Use mild detergent, such as Ecos, Mrs. Meyers, Woolite, Seventh Generation, ECover, or Kirkland Ultra Clean.
  7. Do not use fabric softener.
  8. Avoid washer and dryer balls.
  9. No bleaching.

The First Thing to Know About How to Wash Bamboo Sheets: They should be washed before use

Firstly, washing bamboo sheets before using them for the first time is highly recommended. New bamboo sheets will shrink after the initial wash, so you will have an advantage if your sheets had been made with additional length to allow for this to happen.

When washing it for the first time, it is normal for new sheets to release the lint it had gathered during the manufacturing process. You will have much less lint in subsequent washes. 

Bamboo Rayon Sheets Should be Washed and Dried with Low Temperature Settings

Using low temperature settings is the best way for your bamboo linens.

The second thing to know about how to clean bamboo sheets is that they should be washed and dried using low to medium temperature settings. Avoid washing in hot water or cold water. Instead, you want warm water that is 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius).

However, for the first wash only, you may want to use a warmer temperature to allow the bamboo rayon sheets to do their initial shrinking. If you tumble dry your bamboo bedding, you will want to choose a low heat setting, as well.

Use the Gentle Cycle When You Want to Machine Wash or Tumble Dry Your Bamboo Sheets

Besides the low heat setting, proper care for the best rated bamboo sheets includes choosing the gentle cycle on the washing machine and clothes dryer. A low tumble cycle during machine drying can help you to avoid abrasion that may wear out the bamboo fabric over prolonged periods of time.

Bamboo Sheets Should be Washed Separately from Your Other Laundry

Moreover, proper care for your bamboo sheets means that they should be washed separately from all your other laundry. Rigid objects such as zippers, hooks, and buckles on your other clothing can snag and tear your bamboo sheets

Plus, rough fabrics such as denim may cause abrasion on your bamboo rayon sheets. 

Bamboo Rayon Sheets Should be Washed Using a Mild Detergent

Which laundry detergent is best for bamboo sheets?

Bamboo sheets should be washed using gentle liquid detergent. Some cleaning solutions we recommend are Ecos, Mrs. Meyers, Woolite, Seventh Generation, ECover, or Kirkland Ultra Clean.

Baby shampoo is also among the viable cleaning products for washing your bamboo sheet set.

Can You Use Fabric Softener on Bamboo Sheets?

In caring for your bamboo sheets, there is no need to use bleach or fabric softeners. Since bamboo rayon sheets are already incredibly soft, a fabric softener will not be of any additional help

You may have noticed that your bamboo sheets feel stiff immediately after the washing cycle has finished. However, this is perfectly normal, so do not worry. When the bamboo bed sheet set has dried completely, the bamboo fabrics will naturally return to being extra soft with a silky feeling without the need for fabric softeners.

Also, please avoid using dryer sheets because they can add a film to your bed linen and even cause them to become discolored. 

Stay Away from Washer and Dryer Balls

With your rayon from bamboo sheets, please do not use washer or dryer balls. These can snag your bamboo bed linen and cause pilling to occur. 

How to Wash Bamboo Sheets for the First Time

Should You Wash Sheets Made of 100% Rayon from Bamboo Before Using?

Should you wash sheets made of 100% rayon from bamboo before using them? The answer is yes. You never know what your sheets have gone through before you bought them. You need to make sure that you clean your bamboo sheets so that your bed is sanitary.

Therefore, it is good that you learn how to wash bamboo sheets. As part of care for bamboo sheets, here are three reasons why you should wash your bamboo bed sheets before using them.

To Get Rid of Lint from the Factory, Wash Your Sheets Made of 100% Rayon from Bamboo Before Using Them

A reason why it is important to wash bamboo rayon sheets before you use them, is so that you can get rid of the lint that is accumulated when they are being manufactured in the factory. The lint is a natural byproduct of the process by which the bedding is made in the factory. So before using them, you should wash your bamboo bed linen in warm water at 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) on the gentle cycle, without any other towels or blankets in the load.

Also, please remember to avoid using fabric softer or dryer sheets, and always dry bamboo sheets on the low heat setting to prevent damaging the bamboo fibers. Fabric softeners are not necessary because, unlike cotton sheets or linen sheets, bamboo rayon sheets naturally return to being extremely soft after they dry completely.

Allow for First Shrinkage by Washing Your Bamboo Bed Sheets Before Use

It is also important to wash sheets made of 100% rayon from bamboo in warm water at 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) to allow them to shrink during the first wash. When they make the bamboo rayon sheets in the factory, they make them with extra length to allow for shrinkage when washed. You need to wash your bamboo bedding to allow the rayon from bamboo fabric to shrink to the size they were designed to be so that they will fit your mattress well. For more information about this topic, please read our article, Do Bamboo Sheets Shrink?

For Good Hygiene, Your 100% Rayon from Bamboo Sheets Should be Washed Before Using

Especially If your bamboo bed sheets came in a semi open package, you should wash them before you spread them on your mattress. Other people may have touched your bedsheets and they may have had bacteria on their hands. They may have touched your sheets in the store, warehouse, or during the shipping process if the package is not completely closed.

Can You Bleach Bamboo Sheets?

Bamboo fabrics are delicate and bleach contains harsh chemicals that can easily cause damage the bamboo fibers. Therefore, we do not recommend using bleach on your bamboo bedding products.

What Happens if You Bleach Bamboo Sheets?

Bleach contains harsh chemicals and we advise against using it on bamboo sheets.

The chemicals in bleach can break down the cellulose fibers in bamboo, making them more susceptible to tearing and wear. In addition, bleaching can also cause the color of your bamboo sheets to fade.

If you must wash your bamboo sheets with bleach, be sure to use a diluted solution and rinse them thoroughly afterwards. It's also a good idea to test a small area of the sheets first to make sure they won't be damaged by the bleach.

In general, it's best to avoid bleaching bamboo sheets if at all possible. If you do need to use bleach, be sure to take extra care in order to prevent damage.

Can You Tumble Dry Bamboo Sheets?

Certainly, you can tumble dry bamboo sheets, but please use the delicate setting. When using a tumble dryer for drying bamboo bedding select the lowest heat and gentlest tumble cycles.

If you line dry your bamboo bedding, direct sunlight can help your bamboo bed linen look fresh and crisp.

Do Bamboo Sheets Take Longer to Dry?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, such as the type of bamboo used, the thread count of the sheets, and the care instructions.

However, in general, bamboo sheets tend to take longer to dry than other types of bedding. This is because bamboo is a more absorbent material than cotton or linen.

How to Deal with Stains on Bamboo Sheets

There are several ways to deal with stubborn stains on bamboo bed linens.

In general, you may remove stains from bamboo fabric by using bleach-free Oxy Clean, which is an enzyme-based stain remover. Simply apply it directly on the stain.

You can also try a mixture of baking soda and water to soak the bamboo rayon sheets with. For more stubborn stains, a hydrogen peroxide mixture can also do the trick. In a separate article, we describe a special method for removing blood stains.

Can You Use Hydrogen Peroxide on Bamboo Sheets?

Yes, you can use hydrogen peroxide on bamboo sheets. However, it is important to dilute the hydrogen peroxide with water before applying it to the sheets. Otherwise, you may damage the sheets.

Stain Removal with Vinegar

As an alternative to hydrogen peroxide, you may dilute 1 part vinegar with 4 parts water and apply the mixture directly to the stain. Then, leave the residue soaked a little before you wash the sheet.

Special Tip for Blood Stains

If your bamboo rayon sheets get bloodstains, the person who had bled onto the sheet should spit on the stain and let it rest for a few minutes before washing. This technique is best used early before the stain sets.

Amazingly, each person’s spit is peculiarly effective at removing their own blood stains from bamboo fabric.

The Detergent Dab

If there are spots or stubborn or color spots you should use an easy detergent over the sheets. Apply some gentle washing detergent or enzyme cleaner to soiled sheets.

Stains on bamboo rayon that had been caused by facial lotions or body oils can be removed by using Dawn dishwashing liquid. Simply apply a dime-sized amount onto the wet bamboo sheets directly on the stain and rub gently. Then, soak for 10 minutes and wash.

Change and Wash Your Bamboo Sheets Weekly

For optimal hygiene, please wash your eco-friendly bamboo sheets about once a week.

Some of the care instructions for bamboo sheets is not very much different from that of cotton sheets. For example, washing bamboo sheets once per week is helpful in maintaining its cleanliness and hygiene.

How to Prevent Wrinkles in Bamboo Sheets?

A downside to bamboo sheets is their tendency to wrinkle after washing. But the wrinkles are usually lost after drying the sheets and sleeping on them. It's nice if you want to avoid wrinkles, but it isn't harmful if you do not want to iron it.

However, you can iron your bamboo sheets on the low setting. To further reduce wrinkling, remove bamboo sheet from dryer immediately after the drying cycle has finished.

Incidentally, allowing your bamboo sheets to hang dry for a few hours will relax its rayon fibers. Therefore, if you are particular about wrinkle-free bedding, you can consider air drying as it tends to result in less wrinkling.

How to Store Bamboo Sheets in the Linen Closet?

As part of proper care for your bamboo sheets, you should store them away properly for your next use. First, keep bamboo bedding on dry shelves away from direct sunlight. Sunshine can cause your bedding to fade gradually and can increase the natural degradation of bamboo fibers.

Fold your bamboo sheets into square shapes with a clean line. It makes your sheets elegant and folds easily when you put them in the closet for the next trip.

Read more about how to fold a fitted sheet.

Avoid storing bamboo sheets in plastic bags or containers because they are prone to yellowing if there's excess humidity inside. Avoid placing the sheet in cardboard, as acids can transfer onto it.

Properly Wash Your Bamboo Sheets to Fully Enjoy Their Benefits

By providing care instructions about how to wash bamboo sheets, we hope that this article has helped you. By properly laundering them each week or fortnight, you will get to fully enjoy the marvelous benefits that bamboo sheets are known for providing.

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