How to Store Bamboo Sheets

Quality Bamboo Sheets: How to Store Them

Your quality bamboo sheets need to be stored properly. There are five factors to consider when choosing a storage location to keep bamboo bedding. These five factors: temperature, moisture, sunlight, space, and storage material, can significantly influence the longevity and durability of your bamboo bed linen.

If proper storage conditions are met, then your sheets will last for a long time. If any of these considerations are not taken into account, the lifespan of your bamboo rayon sheets may be reduced.

The Correct Temperature to Store Your Quality Bamboo Sheets

In a heated environment, the fibers that make up high quality bamboo sheets have the potential to dry out. This causes the fabric to weaken and lose durability more rapidly than it should. As part of good care for bamboo sheets, avoid the possible effects of heat damage by stowing them in cool locations. Low temperature places can include shelving in cool areas, closet spaces, drawers in cool rooms and more.

Be sure to find a location where you can stow your best quality bamboo sheets so that they are away from vents where heat is emitted in the winter. In the same respect, avoid storage near any appliances that produce heat when in operation, such as a clothes dryer. This will help reduce the possibility of heat causing unnecessary wear on your bamboo viscose sheets.

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Moisture Concerns for Stowing Your High Quality Bamboo Sheets

Best quality bamboo sheets are made of a moisture wicking fabric. What that means is that the fabric pulls moisture away from the body to the outside of the fabric. There the dampness can quickly evaporate, thus preventing the fabric from becoming saturated. This is how bamboo rayon sheets help you stay cool as you sleep.

However, the moisture-wicking quality does not have an off switch to stop the sheets from pulling moisture away from things. If you are not using them, stow bamboo sheets away in a dry area. Be sure to examine the whole space for any dampness that could affect the sheets. There should be no wetness anywhere in the storage area.

During storage, if your bamboo sheet set comes into contact with moisture or any wetness at all, it will naturally absorb it. Moisture collected on your sheets during storage can lead to a buildup of mildew. This will result in a terribly pungent odor that will be difficult to remove. Dry, cool locations can save you from having to deal with the result of improper storage.

Store Your Best Quality Bamboo Sheets Away from Sunlight

Prolonged exposure to especially direct sunlight will have similar effects on your bamboo viscose sheets as storing them in a hot area. As aforementioned, sustained heat causes the fibers to lose durability, weakening the sheets quickly. The heat from direct sunlight intensifies this damage.

In addition to weakening the fibers in your bamboo sheet set, spending long periods in direct sunlight can cause discoloration. Light from the sun has a sort of bleaching effect on the dyes used to give sheets their color. This is universal for all fabric types. Store your quality bamboo sheets in a cool, dry, dark place to keep them in good condition.

The Material of the Containers Used for Storing Your Bamboo Sheets

Plastic bags and other plastic storage containers tend to collect moisture. As previously mentioned, moisture causes mildew. Avoid plastic storage unless it can be vacuum-sealed and is airtight.

Cardboard is also bad for bamboo bed linen as it can cause acids to permeate the fabric. A solution can be found by implementing acid-free liners to protect your sheets. Place the liners along surfaces that will come in contact with the sheets. Also, for good measure, place one of the liners between each layer of sheets.

Another option for stowing bamboo bedding would be a breathable fabric such as canvas. More alternatives include containers that either do not allow any moisture to come into the container, or that allow the release of moisture to transpire. Most fabric storage solutions are acceptable. Keep your quality bamboo sheets in a cool, dry, dark place inside a container that is breathable.

Ample Space for Storing Your Bamboo Bed Sheets

Having enough space for your sheets is more important to the longevity and resilience of your high quality bamboo sheets than you may think. The fibers can become stiff and lose buoyancy in tightly packed conditions. The fabric should have space to breathe, so to speak. There should not be so many layers of sheets stuffed into a limited area that you have trouble closing the container.

This may seem silly, but over-packed storage can damage your quality bed linens. It is best to avoid it. Bamboo bedding needs to be put away in cool, dry, dark locations in breathable containers that are not stuffed full.

Stowing Away Your Quality Bamboo Sheets in the Correct Manner is Well Worth the Effort

When you make an effort to store bamboo sheets properly, it will keep your bamboo bedding in good condition and will pay off tenfold. Every time you sleep more soundly instead of sweating all night is when you experience the fruits of your labor.

Fascinating Fact:

Bamboo sheets can keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Learn how.

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