How to Fold Fitted Sheets with Diagram and Pictures [EASY]

How to fold your bamboo fitted sheet

How to fold fitted sheets is a skill that can improve the freshness management and storage of your bamboo rayon sheets. It is also part and parcel of basic bamboo sheets care. Each bamboo sheet set includes a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and one or two pillowcases.

With these simple instructions, learn the best way to fold your fitted sheets so that you do not end up with a clumped-up mess of bedding in your closet.

How to Fold Fitted Sheets with a Few Easy-to-Follow Steps

How do you fold a fitted sheet? Flat sheets and pillowcases are no problem because they feature geometric design. With fitted sheets, however, there is the matter of fabric that has been cut and sewn to accommodate elastic corners. In some cases, the elastic runs from corner to corner, thus making these sheets trickier to fold.

Here is a step-by-step guide with supplementary illustrations to teach you how to fold fitted sheets so that you can make them smoother before putting them away.

  1. Gather the two pocket corners at one end so that they rest on top of each other. Instead of grabbing the corners with your hand, you will want to drape them over your right forearm.
  2. Repeat the above step on the opposite end with your left forearm.
  3. Lay the fitted sheet on your bed and arrange it into the shape of a rectangle. Square up the sheet corners as much as possible.
  4. Take the bottom of the sheet and fold it up a third of the way.
  5. Take the top of the sheet and fold it down a third.
  6. You should now have a long rectangular shape that is easy to roll or fold multiple times from left to right.
  7. Put the fitted sheet that you have just folded into one of the pillowcases of your sheet set. The flat sheet and other pillowcase should also go into this pillowcase.
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folding a fitted sheet with diagram

How to Store a Sheet Set Neatly After You Use the Best Way to Fold Fitted Sheets

Now that you have learned how to fold a fitted sheet, you will want to store the entire sheet set neatly in your cupboard. If your bamboo sheets came in a nice rayon bag as part of a set, this is where you would want to store them along with your pillowcases. The aforementioned method of folding fitted sheets into thirds is how they are packed for retail, and this means that you can reuse it for the purpose of keeping your linen closet nice and tidy.

Should you no longer have the original bag your bamboo sheets came in, you can always use one of the pillowcases to this effect. In fact, this method is preferred by many homemakers because they get to use the rayon bag for other purposes.

Bamboo Rayon Sheets: Available in these sizes

Enhance the Fragrance of Your Sheet Sets While They Are in Storage

After you have stored your bamboo bedding by using the best way to fold fitted sheets, you want them to remain fresh and smell nice. Mothballs are supposed to have both pesticide and deodorant properties, but their pungent aroma is not something you want sticking to your bamboo sheets.

Essential or scented oils provide the ultimate fragrance enhancement for your bamboo sheets. Since bamboo rayon does not require fabric softener, you can add a few drops of lavender, citrus, or peppermint oil to the laundry soap and a few more to the water during the rinse cycle.

Learning How to Fold Fitted Sheets is a Simple Way to Care for Your Bamboo Sheets

By learning how to fold a bamboo fitted sheet, you have enhanced and improved the proper storage of your bamboo sheet set. This is one of various steps you can take to ensure that your bamboo bed sheets and pillowcases will be smooth, fresh, and wrinkle-free whenever you need to use them again.

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