How to Dry a Bamboo Bedding Set

How to dry a bamboo bedding set.

A bamboo bedding set is a great alternative to other fabrics, especially for people with allergies because they are hypoallergic. They are also exceptionally durable when proper bamboo sheets care is applied.

Besides knowing how to wash your bamboo sheets before their first use and for all subsequent washes, it is also good to know how to dry bamboo sheets.

Line Drying

Line drying your sheets helps preserve the sheets' elasticity, fibers, and colors. Ensure that you double up the garments to avoid stretching and warping of the shape of the bamboo bed sheets. You should also avoid leaving them outside for extended hours as direct sunlight may cause damage to the fibers of the sheets. Instead, hang them in the morning to give them enough time to dry.

Clothes Dryer

Another effective method on how to dry bamboo sheets is the use of a machine dryer. It is important to ensure you set your dryer on the low heat, low tumble setting. You can also use the fluff setting, as this will help prevent your sheets from losing softness. It also reduces the abrasion on sheets and protects it from ripping.

Bamboo Bed Sheets: Available in these sizes

Extra Tips on How to Dry a Bamboo Bedding Set

Knowing how to dry bamboo sheets is easy and ensures the longevity of your bamboo bedding. Here are some additional points to keep in mind.

Once you have cleaned the sheets, the fabric may feel stiff, like a canvas. However, once you dry them naturally, the sheets become as soft as they were before. The extra lint you find after washing your sheets should not surprise you. This is because bamboo fabrics tend to release short fibers on the first few washes.

A final tip on how to dry bamboo sheets is to avoid placing your sheets in humid conditions, as this may lead to mildew or even the yellowing of the fabric.

Lasting Comfort can be Yours When You Know How to Dry Bamboo Sheets

Knowing how to dry a bamboo bedding set can preserve the longevity of your bamboo sheets. Then they will bring you lasting comfort for many years. Getting some rayon from bamboo sheets for yourself is an excellent way to sleep better at night.

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