How to Buy Bamboo Sheets: What features to look for

How to buy bamboo sheets

Are you thinking about how to buy bamboo sheets? This is certainly a good question to ask yourself when you decide to obtain all the benefits associated with using bamboo bed sheets, which are made of 100% rayon from bamboo. 

These include everything from getting better and uninterrupted sleep to feeling snug and pampered all night long, from overcoming hot flashes and night sweats to waking up full of energy. 

There are several questions to ask yourself other than where to buy bamboo sheets. So, let us explore more on what to look for when buying bamboo sheets. 

When you want to buy bamboo sheets, know that some features can affect softness, breathability, and durability

Generally, bamboo sheet sets are known for being extremely soft, silky smooth, highly absorbent, and refreshingly breathable. However, some variations in product-specific features can affect the effectiveness of bamboo sheet qualities. One such feature is thread count, and the other is the type of weave. 

How bamboo sheets thread count can affect durability

When you want to buy bamboo sheets, you need to consider thread count. Thread count refers to the number of threads woven into one square inch. The number of vertical threads (warp) plus the number of horizontal threads (weft) equals the “thread count”. Interestingly, few mills are capable of weaving more than 400 threads into one square inch. 

However, some manufacturers claim to have extremely high thread counts of 800 or more by twisting another strand around the thread, thereby doubling the thread count. This creates a kind of “2-ply” thread count, and this could indicate that cheaper and weaker threads are being used. Weaker threads tend to break more easily and end up pilling, resulting in lumpy and unsightly fuzzballs. So, please consider this factor when you buy bamboo sheets. 

How bamboo sheets thread count can affect breathability

Bamboo sheets with a higher thread count tend to feel softer and smoother. However, when the bamboo sheets thread count is too high, then the weave is too tight. Bamboo bed sheets with such a high thread count have reduced breathability, and you may feel damp because of excessive perspiration accumulating on your skin. This is certainly something to consider when you buy bamboo sheets. 

How bamboo sheets thread count can affect softness and smoothness

Bamboo rayon sheets with lower thread counts have good breathability. However, when the thread count is too low, bamboo sheets will not feel as soft and smooth. Additionally, the entire sheet will be structurally weaker due to having fewer threads supporting it. A sheet with sparse thread count may also snag more easily and result in pilling. 

Bamboo Bed Sheets: Available in these sizes

When you buy bamboo sheets, consider how the type of weave can affect durability and comfort

The second feature you should consider is the type of weave used to make the fabric. Tight twill weave keeps the bamboo fibers secure and prevents pilling. Conversely, sateen weave tends to snag more easily and results in pilling. Pilling produces fuzzballs or "pills" on your sheets that look unsightly and reduce comfort. 

Buy bamboo sheets by choosing the preferred weave and best thread count for bamboo sheets

In conclusion, the best thread count for bamboo sheets is 300 and the preferred weave is tight twill weave. This perfect balance produces bamboo sheets that feel feathery soft and luxuriously smooth while being refreshingly breathable and resistant to pilling.

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