For Best Quality Bamboo Sheets, Which Detergent to Use?

For best quality bamboo sheets, which detergent to use?

The best quality bamboo sheets are delicate fabrics. However, if you use the correct detergent, they will last for years. High quality bamboo sheets are one of the few things that get softer and more luxurious after each wash, if you practice good bamboo sheets care.

To keep your bamboo bedding feeling its best, we recommend using detergents like Seventh Generation, Ecos and Mrs. Meyers.

For Best Quality Bamboo Sheets, We Recommend a Detergent like Seventh Generation

When it is time to wash your high quality bamboo sheets, our recommendation is to use an eco-friendly detergent. Seventh Generation more than fits the bill. However, it goes a step further. They create detergent from renewable plant-based resources.

Seventh Generation understands that life can get messy and stains happen. However, using harsh stain removers will damage your quality bamboo sheets. Seventh Generation detergent can easily tackle 60 of life’s common stains while being gentle on your bamboo bedding. So, do not worry about those muddy dog prints on your bamboo sheets. The enzyme fighting power in Seventh Generation will leave your bamboo bed linen looking clean and feeling soft.

Ecos is a Perfect Example of a Detergent for High Quality Bamboo Sheets

Ecos has a unique way of keeping your best quality bamboo sheets clean. They are a plant-based detergent and they have a superpower ingredient, which is coconuts.

Coconuts have exceptional cleaning properties while being extremely gentle. Therefore, this laundry soap is the perfect choice when you launder bamboo sheets. Also, coconuts are a highly renewable resource. A coconut tree can produce 50 coconuts a year, and most live for 80 years.

Eco’s founder Van Vlahakis made a commitment 50 years ago to create cleaning products that protect both humans and the planet. That commitment is still holding strong today.

Quality Bamboo Sheets are Best Washed with Detergent like Mrs. Meyers

Mrs. Meyers is another eco-friendly detergent that we recommend for cleaning your best quality bamboo sheets. Mrs. Meyers has the power to tackle dirt and grime without damaging your bamboo bedding. Also, 98 percent of their ingredients come from nature.

Mrs. Meyers is a mother of nine who understands that cleaning is something that needs to be done. However, she believes that cleaning should smell good. Just imagine how nice it will be to climb into your bed with soft, fresh bamboo sheets that smell like lavender.

Using the Proper Type of Detergent Will Preserve The Life of Your Best Quality Bamboo Sheets

There are many excellent reasons for buying good quality bamboo sheets. However, to preserve their lifespan, proper laundry care is necessary. So, use warm water at 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) and one of the detergents that we recommend to enjoy many years of quality sleep on your bamboo bed sheet set.

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