Do Bamboo Sheets Pill? How to Prevent Pilling? [EASY]

Bed sheets that pill are unsightly and uncomfortableBamboo sheets can resist pilling if they have tight twill weave. This type of weave secures the yarn more firmly and helps to protect against snagging on hard objects.

Bamboo sheets pilling can result in uncomfortable bedding. The pills, also known as fuzzballs or lint balls, are unsightly and they make the bed linen look grubby. They also make your bed sheets feel lumpy, thereby reducing comfort.

Thankfully, with proper care for bamboo sheets, it is quite easy to avoid pilling on your bed linen.

What is Pilling?

Pilling is the formation of tiny balls of fiber on the surface of your fabric. It can make your new sheets look old and worn out. Pilling sheets are most likely with fabrics that are made from natural fibers like cotton and wool.

Why are Your Bamboo Sheets Pilling?

Bed sheets pill because of friction, and it's a common issue with all types of fabrics. Bamboo rayon is no exception but there are some things you can do to minimize pilling.

How do You Stop Bamboo Sheets from Pilling?

If you're experiencing pilling with your bamboo rayon sheets, there are a few things you can do to help stop the issue.

First, make sure you're washing your bed sheets according to the care instructions. Bamboo is a delicate fabric and needs to be handled with care.

Avoid using harsh detergents or fabric softeners, as these can damage the fabric and result in pilled sheets. Instead, opt for gentle, natural detergents that are designed for delicate fabrics.

Also, avoid overloading your washing machine. This can cause the fabric to become damaged and more susceptible to pilling. Make sure you're using a gentle cycle and giving your bed sheets plenty of room to move around in the wash.

Bamboo Sheets Pilling can be Prevented with Tight Twill Weave

Firstly, get quality bed sheets that don't pill! Bamboo rayon sheets are resistant to pilling if they have a tight twill weave. Tight twill weave keeps the sheet fibers secure and prevents them from snagging. It also gives the bed sheets a beautiful sheen. In fact, there are times when the type of weave is more important than the thread count.

Tight Twill Weave is More Resistant to Snagging Than Sateen Weave

Do not use bed linen with sateen weave because sateen sheets tend to snag more easily. Sateen weave is a type of fabric weave that is often used for making garments and other items that need to be soft and smooth.

However, this weave can sometimes snag more easily than other types of fabric weaves. If you have bedding with sateen fabric, be sure to take extra care to avoid snagging it.

Tight Twill Weave can Benefit Many Types of Fabric

Tight twill weave can also benefit the following types of sheets:

    Prevent Your Bamboo Sheets Pilling by Washing Them Separately

    Washing your bamboo bed sheets separately brings with it various benefits.

    Less Lint from Towels

    Secondly, do not wash your bamboo viscose sheets and bath towels together. Towels tend to produce a lot of lint and it is especially true for very new towels and very old towels.

    Brand-new towels have lots of excess fibers and it takes multiple wash cycles to get rid of their accumulated lint. Extremely old towels are inclined to shed a lot of lint because they are actually in the process of decomposing!

    Whether you are washing your bamboo sheets for the first time or for subsequent washes, putting them in the washing machine with towels results in a lot of friction that causes pilling.

    Avoid Snagging Your Bamboo Sheets on Hard Objects

    Even better, wash and dry your bamboo bed sheets separately from all other types of laundry. You should avoid snagging your bed linen on sharp objects, such as zippers, pins, cuffs, or buckles.

    Once they snag a few threads, the sharp objects can sever and unravel the yarn as the laundry items continue to tumble inside the washing machine or clothes dryer. Bed sheets pill as a result of these loose threads.

    Prevent Excessive Friction from Rough Fabrics

    Washing your bamboo bed sheet set with other types of laundry can cause too much friction on the bedding. This is especially true when you have denim or other hard and rough fabrics in the washing machine or tumble dryer. They will repeatedly rub against your bed sheets as they roll around during the washing or drying cycle.

    As a result, the excess friction and chafing can wear down the yarn and cause the threads to become weaker, eventually severing them. Pilling will then occur over time because of the loose threads.

    Avoid Bamboo Bed Sheets with a Low Thread Count

    Bed sheets with a low thread count tend to snag more easily against hard objects. This is due to the larger gaps between the threads allowing sharp and pointy objects to catch onto the yarn. Generally, you want to avoid bed sheets that have less than 200 thread count. In fact, the best thread count for bamboo sheets is 300.

    Use Mild Liquid Detergent to Prevent Bamboo Sheets Pilling

    Some materials are more delicate than others, such as bamboo viscose sheets. They should be washed using a mild detergent. If you use a detergent that is too harsh, it can damage the fabric. This can cause the fibers to break and the sheet to pill.

    Also, chlorine bleach is a definite no-no for delicate materials as it will break down the fibers, causing them to become frayed and weakened. It can also cause the colors to fade.

    For bamboo rayon sheets, we recommend mild detergent such as:

    • Ecos
    • Mrs. Myers
    • Woolite
    • Seventh Generation
    • ECover
    • Kirkland Ultra Clean

      Using baby shampoo to wash your bamboo bed sheets is also a genius idea.

      Do Not Use Washer and Dryer Balls

      Next, avoid using washer and dryer balls when laundering bedsheets made of bamboo rayon. As the washer and dryer balls tumble around in the washing machine and dryer, they will continually batter and rub against your bedsheets.

      Oftentimes, these washer and dryer balls have sharp edges and tips that may snag your sheets, resulting in pilling. Bamboo bed sheet sets can be damaged when subject to such prolonged physical torment.

      Additional Problems Associated with Washer and Dryer Balls

      One of the most common dangers is that some of these balls can become lodged in the washing machine's drain hose, causing a blockage. Additionally, laundry balls can also create static cling, which can feel uncomfortable against your skin.

      Prevent Bamboo Sheets Pilling by Washing with Warm Water and Drying with Low Heat

      Wash bamboo bed sheets with warm water at 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius) and dry them with low to medium heat. Using hot water for washing sheets and high heat for drying them creates additional friction.

      Therefore, you will want to avoid high heat because too much friction results in pilling. Moreover, warm water has the added benefit of helping to loosen any dirt or debris.

      Do Not Overload Your Washing Machine or Tumble Dryer

      When you squeeze too much fabric into your washing machine or tumble dryer, it can cause your bamboo bed sheets to be compacted into a small amount of space. This results in a greater amount of friction during the spinning cycle.

      Excessive friction can wear down the yarn in the bedding and even cause the threads to sever due to too much wear and tear. Then those loose threads will eventually start to pill.

      Bamboo Sheets Pilling can be Avoided with the Right Type of Bed Sheets

      Pilling is a common problem with bamboo rayon sheets, but it can be avoided by following the proper care instructions. Always wash your bamboo rayon sheets separately from other items in your laundry. Use a mild liquid detergent and avoid washer and dryer balls. Wash with warm water and dry on low heat to prevent pilling.

      Choose the right type of bedding for your needs to avoid pilling altogether, such as those with a tight twill weave and a higher thread count. Give yourself and your family the gift of better sleep today with our high quality bed sheets.

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