Do Bamboo Sheets Keep You Cool?

by Bamboo Betty

How does bamboo bed linen keep you cool?

Yes, bamboo sheets keep you cool. How do they do it? One of the benefits of bamboo sheets is that they can help to regulate your body temperature.

Let us explore the various qualities of bamboo linens that keep you cool at night.

Bamboo Bed Linen Cooperates with Your Body's Natural Processes to Keep You Cool

Typically, standard bedding fights against the body's natural biological process of perspiration. What this means is that traditional bedding linens trap the heat your body releases as you sleep. Therefore, this results in night sweats going from bad to worse.

Bamboo linen sheets are excellent for people who suffer from night sweats. Bamboo linens have the ability to pull moisture away from your body. Even as you perspire and humidity starts to accumulate on your skin, bamboo bed linen absorbs and transports that dampness to the surface of the sheets where it quickly evaporates.

More importantly, these sheets can keep you cool when you’re sharing a bed with your partner. Unlike traditional linens, which trap heat in and cause the temperature under the covers to rise, Queen-size bamboo sheets help regulate the temperature and prevents sweat from becoming an issue during the night.

This process helps to prevent the bamboo bedding from becoming saturated. Hence, the bamboo sheets remain highly absorbent and can keep you cool all night.

Keep Cool with Micro-Gaps in the Fibers of Bamboo Linen Sheets

Bamboo linens have many micro-gaps that occur naturally in the structure of the fiber to make the sheets permeable to air. This makes the bamboo bed linen refreshingly breathable. Hence, these micro-gaps serve as pathways through which heat produced by your body is released.

In addition to excreting moisture via perspiration, your skin also radiates heat into the air that envelopes it. The micro-gaps trap cool air from the bedroom while allowing the warm air surrounding your body to escape. By doing this, micro-gaps create and provide cooling ventilation for the body. Therefore, cool air from your bedroom will envelop your body as you sleep to keep you cool.

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Highly Absorbent Bamboo Linens Will Continue to Remove Hot Sweat from Your Body to Keep You Cool Throughout the Night

When perspiration is absorbed from the surface of your skin, heat that is trapped within the sweat gets taken away with it. Hence, you will feel cooler as a result. Since bamboo bed linen can absorb up to 3 times its own weight in water, they will not easily become saturated with your perspiration.

Additionally, bamboo rayon feels cooler to the touch than cotton sheets or linen sheets. Therefore, you can keep cool while you sleep because bamboo linen sheets will continue to faithfully absorb perspiration from your skin all night long.

Bamboo Linens Even Help the Earth to Stay Cool

In addition to directly helping you to stay cool at night, bamboo bed linen also has an indirect effect because the bamboo crop from which it is made is sustainable and eco-friendly. Here are some environmentally friendly qualities of the bamboo plant.

Low Water Consumption Helps to Preserve Our Natural Water Resources

The bamboo plant is used as a raw material in making bamboo linen sheets and it consumes only a third of the amount of water that cotton plants do. Climate change has created additional burden on our natural water resources. This is especially true in manufacturing and agricultural irrigation.

Therefore, a crop that consumes only a third of the amount of water for the same yield in raw materials goes a long way towards water conservation.

Fast-Growing Bamboo Crop Produces More Raw Materials in the Same Amount of Time

Bamboo also holds the Guinness World Record as the fastest growing plant. It can grow a stunning 35 inches per day. Therefore, bamboo plants yield more raw materials in a shorter period of time. This means that we need less land for farming to produce bamboo bed linen.

Self-Replenishing Bamboo Plants Save on Labor

Bamboo also does not need to be replanted after harvest. During harvest, farmers cut the stalks just above the root. Then, new stalks spontaneously regrow from the base of the plant to replace the stalks that had been harvested.

Since the roots of the bamboo plant remain in the soil between harvests, farmers do not need to replant them. Therefore, it saves a lot on manual labor in the process of creating bamboo linen sheets.

Bamboo Roots Remain in the Ground to Protect Topsoil

Also, the bamboo roots remain in the ground to prevent soil erosion. This means that it prevents the topsoil from being washed away. This soil conservation means that farmers do not need to top up the nutrients in the ground by using harmful chemical fertilizers.

Since no harmful chemicals are needed for growing the raw materials, bamboo bed linen is superior when it comes to sustainability and eco-friendliness.

The Qualities of Bamboo Bed Linen and Bamboo Plants Help to Keep You Cool

We have now covered many advantages of bamboo linen sheets that directly contribute towards keeping you cool at night. We have also revealed qualities of the bamboo crop that contribute towards keeping the planet cool.

In fact, bamboo sheets can keep you cool in the summer yet warm in the winter. Therefore, rayon from bamboo sheets are an excellent choice for helping you and your family sleep cool all night, every night.

Article By: Bamboo Betty Bautista

Bamboo Betty is a writer with Comfy Bamboo Sheets where she blogs regularly about various topics related to bamboo sheets. She has had extensive experience researching and answering all the questions that you wanted to know about bamboo bedding. If you have a question or any topic you want Bamboo Betty to write about, please get in touch via email.

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