Cool Bed Linen - 5 of the Coolest Types of Bedsheets

Cool Bed Linen - 5 of the Coolest Types of Bedsheets

Cool bed linen is highly sought after by people who experience night sweats and hot flashes. Bamboo sheets, cotton sheets, and linen sheets are all popular choices.

However, it is good to know the differences between each of the coolest bed sheets before committing to a purchase. Hence, here are 5 of the best cooling bed sheets that can keep you cool and comfortable all night long. 

1) Bamboo Sheets: An excellent choice for cool bed linen 

Bamboo sheets, which are made of 100% rayon from bamboo, are one of the best bed sheets for hot sleepers. They have micro-gaps that trap cool air and allow your body heat to escape. They are among the most breathable bed sheets and keep your skin well ventilated. Generally, bamboo bed sheets feel about 3 degrees cooler than conventional cotton and keep you dry and comfortable all night long. 

These bamboo cooling sheets are also feathery soft and silky smooth, so be prepared to feel absolutely pampered when using them. Also, those with 300 thread count and tight twill weave are particularly durable and are resistant to pilling. Bamboo sheets are also resilient against yellowing, mold, and mildew. Plus, they are eco-friendly and sustainable. Bamboo bed sheets will certainly keep you cool in the summer yet warm in the winter

Bamboo Sheets: Available in these sizes

2) Conventional Cotton Sheets: Strong contender as one of the best cooling bed sheets 

Some of the most breathable bed sheets are made from conventional cotton. It is also very absorbent and can easily keep your skin dry when you perspire. 

However, there is a large disparity in quality among available cotton bed sheets.  Many 100% cotton sheets can feel scratchy due to substandard construction or low thread count. Therefore, it is best to choose those with a higher thread count

3) Egyptian Cotton Sheets: A good example of cool bed linen 

Egyptian cotton sheets are among the best cooling bed sheets. They have longer staple fiber than conventional cotton. The weave is relatively smoother, and the fabric is comparatively stronger. They feel luxuriously smooth due to having extremely high thread counts. 

Egyptian cotton sheets are highly absorbent and are among the best bed sheets for hot sleepers, but they can be awfully expensive. Therefore, you need to be prepared to spend more when choosing this type of bed sheet. 

4) Tencel Sheets: A decent choice for cool bed linen 

Tencel sheets are one of the best bed sheets to stay cool with. They are incredibly soft and feel cool to the touch. They have moisture-wicking properties to quickly absorb your perspiration, and they are also durable and long-lasting.

However, they are susceptible to mildew due to the water-loving properties of its fibers. Tencel bed sheets are eco-friendly and sustainable but are usually more expensive than conventional cotton sheets. 

5) Silk Sheets: Smooth and luxurious 

Silk sheets feel luxuriously smooth and very cool to the touch. You will certainly feel very pampered when using them. However, they are not very absorbent, so this could be a drawback if you perspire a lot. 

Silk fabric feels very slippery and glides easily over many surfaces. However, it is extremely expensive and very delicate. Silk bedsheets can be difficult to care for and may need to be hand-washed


We hope this list has helped you become more familiar with some of the coolest bed sheets. While the above-mentioned types of bed sheets all qualify as cool bed linen, bamboo bed sheets have the most comprehensive list of benefits that encompasses everything from softness and breathability to durability and eco-friendliness.

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