Comfortable Bed Sheets: The Best Kind You Can Get

Comfortable Bed Sheets - The best you can get

Comfortable bed sheets have certain attributes that make them feel comfortable. When you are shopping for a bed sheet set, it will be good for you to keep these attributes in mind so you can ensure that you are getting the most comfortable sheets. 

Comfortable bed sheets are feathery soft to your touch

Firstly, the most comfortable sheets are feathery soft. Sleeping on soft bed sheets makes you feel pampered and cozy and wrapping yourself in such sheets lets you feel snug and secure. It increases the ease with which you fall asleep and contributes to overall comfort

The most comfortable sheets should feel silky smooth against your skin

Secondly, comfortable bed sheets need to be silky smooth. Smooth bedsheets reduce the amount of friction against your skin, reduces irritation, and increases comfort. Exceptional smoothness is a characteristic commonly found in luxury bed sheets, but it can be present in others also. 

Comfortable bed sheets should let your skin breathe well

The most comfortable sheets are also highly breathable. This is especially important so that your perspiration can evaporate easily. Otherwise, your skin will rapidly accumulate moisture and leave you feeling damp, moist, and clammy. Prolonged use of sheets with without good breathability may also result in skin irritation and acne. You need bedsheets with high breathability to keep your skin well-ventilated and to allow your perspiration to evaporate so that you will feel cool and comfortable all night long

Bamboo Sheets: Available in these sizes

Soft bed sheets have a high thread count, but too high a thread count can negatively affect breathability

Moreover, comfortable bed sheets should have an optimum thread count because this affects softness and breathability. A thread count that is too high will result in extreme softness but reduced breathability because the weave will be too tight. But a thread count that is too low will provide good breathability at the expense of feeling rough and scratchy. 

Different materials are affected to varying degrees by thread count, so you should be careful when choosing. For example, bamboo sheets have an optimal thread count of 300 for that perfect balance between softness and breathability. 

A bed sheet set should increase comfort by readily absorbing your perspiration

Furthermore, the most comfortable sheets are highly absorbent and have moisture-wicking properties. Typically, you would want sheets that can absorb more than their weight in water, especially if you experience night sweats. Such bedsheets will soak up huge amounts of perspiration without becoming saturated and feeling damp. A bed sheet set that is moisture-wicking will readily pull perspiration from your skin and transport it to the outer surface of the sheets where it evaporates. 

Comfortable bed sheets should be durable and resistant to unsightly and uncomfortable pilling

Finally, the most comfortable sheets should be durable and resistant to pilling. Pilling results in lumpy and unsightly fuzzballs on your sheets. Therefore, your bed linen should preferably have tight twill weave because this secures the fibers of the fabric and makes it resistant to pilling

Bamboo sheets are excellent because they possess all the qualities of comfortable bed sheets

Bamboo cooling sheets have all the above-mentioned qualities and are some of the most comfortable sheets you can get. Other fabrics may be strong in one or two of those qualities, but soft bamboo sheets excel in all of them. Plus, some bamboo sheets are made of 100% rayon from bamboo, which is one of the most eco-friendly and sustainable materials in the world.

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