Can You Put 100% Rayon Fabric in the Dryer?

Can you put 100% rayon fabric in the dryers?

Since 100% rayon fabric is unconventional, caring for it may seem unfamiliar to many people. It leaves people having to answer the tough question of "Can You Put Bamboo Sheets in the Dryer?".

The short answer to this question is yes. While 100% viscose material can be put into the clothes dryer, it is important that you dry them properly. Here are some important things to remember when caring for your 100 percent viscose fabric.

Read the Care Tag on the 100% Rayon Fabric for Laundry Instructions

Every set of sheets made from 100% viscose material comes with a care tag that tells you how to properly wash and dry them. Most tags will recommend that you hang your bamboo bedding out to dry. However, this is not always an option for many of us, especially during the winter months.

Conveniently, bamboo bed linen can also be placed in the clothes dryer. Whether you have a spin dryer or a ventless dryer, you can throw your bamboo bed sheet set into the dryer immediately after they are washed. No matter what type of spin dryer you have, it is important to dry them on low heat. Also, most care tags recommend you tumble dry on low heat settings.

Do Not Leave 100 Percent Viscose Fabric in the Clothes Dryer For Too Long

Clothes and bedding materials all take a different amount of time to dry, especially if you are using low heat. Try to avoid drying your 100% rayon material for longer than it needs. Bamboo rayon sheets retain the shape they are in after they have cooled, so leaving them in the spin dryer for too long can cause them to become excessively wrinkled.

Bamboo sheets are known for being lightweight and often dry much faster than other bedding. Try drying the 100% rayon fabric for about twenty minutes on low heat and checking them every ten minutes after that.

Bamboo Sheets: Available in these sizes

Separately Wash and Dry Your 100% Viscose Material from Other Laundry

To help preserve the lifespan of your bamboo bedding, you should take care to wash and dry them separately. Try to avoid filling the clothes dryer with other clothing and bedding material. Use a smaller load when washing and drying 100% rayon fabric to protect the delicate material.

Hanging Your Bamboo Sheets Out to Dry is also a Good Idea

When it is convenient, you may hang dry your bamboo viscose sheets. Letting your bed linen air dry will spare it the stress and abrasion experienced during the tumbling process in the spin dryer. It will also let you partake in other chores around the home without having to worry about how long your 100% viscose material remains in the clothes dryer. You can leave it on the clothesline for an entire afternoon without having to check and see when it is dry. This method of drying is ideal for people with a clothesline and who do not want to worry about keeping track of the time.

Delicate Bedding for a Delicate You and a Delicate Planet

Rayon bedding, such as these 100 percent bamboo sheets, is delicate. It is increasing in popularity because it is comfortable to sleep on and also good for the environment. Sheets made of 100% rayon fabric are smooth to the touch and amazingly soft to sleep on while keeping you cool during hot summer nights and warm during cold winter nights. Bamboo plants also consume less water than cotton plants and are better for soil conservation.

Hence, it is important that you take special care of your bamboo rayon sheets when you are drying them. While it would be nice to rush through the chore and dry them on high heat, this is a terrible idea. Taking the time to properly dry your 100% viscose material will help save you the expense and inconvenience of replacing them too soon.

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