Can You Iron Bamboo Sheets?

Ironing bamboo sheets

Ironing bamboo sheets is not something you are obligated to do as part of caring for your bed linens. You should be able to keep your bamboo bed sheets feeling cool and crisp with proper washing, rinsing, drying, and folding. Ironing would be an optional step, but it can definitely make your bedding look very sharp.

You certainly want to be careful when ironing bamboo sheets, which is what we will discuss below.

Can You Iron Bamboo Sheets?

Yes, you certainly can iron your bamboo bed sheets, but there is only one good reason for you to do so, and that is to get rid of all wrinkles completely. If you look at the product labels that come with your bamboo rayon sheets, chances are that you will not find any ironing instructions. Depending on the blend of fibers and fabric, some textile manufacturers will recommend against ironing altogether.

Is ironing bamboo sheets safe? As long as you correctly adjust the heat of the iron, your bamboo bed sheets will be fine. Always check product labels and care tags prior to ironing your bamboo sheets. In some cases, you may see recommended iron settings. If there are no instructions, or if the label is missing, you will want to play it safe and set the iron to steam at a low temperature.

Bamboo Rayon Sheets: Available in these sizes

Step-by-Step Guide to Ironing Bamboo Sheets

The following steps will explain how to iron your bamboo bed sheets:

  1. Wash your bamboo rayon sheets with a mild laundry detergent before their first use and all subsequent weeks. We recommend any one of these:
    • Ecos
    • Meyers
    • Woolite
    • Seventh Generation
    • ECover
    • Kirkland Ultra Clean
    • baby shampoo
  2. When rinsing your bamboo viscose sheets, be sure to skip the fabric softener. Instead, you can add a few drops of scented oil for a pleasant fragrance.
  3. Air-drying will give you the best results, and it may even eliminate wrinkles, thus negating the need to iron bamboo sheets.
  4. If your iron has a misting mechanism, be sure to use it with bamboo bed sheets. Otherwise, you will want to use a spray bottle or remove the bedding from the dryer while it is still damp.
  5. Ironing bamboo sheets is easier when they are folded into quarters. Do not press hard on the iron or let it rest on a single spot for more than a few seconds.
  6. If you run into a stubborn wrinkle, it is better to moisten it than to press the iron over and over.

What You Should Do After You Iron Your Bamboo Sheets

Freshly laundered and ironed bamboo sheets deserve to go straight onto your bed. This is a hotelier’s secret: Irresistible beds with sharply tucked corners and crisp bedding can be achieved with ironed sheets. Another secret is to add drops of scented oil to the spray bottle you use when ironing. You can always fold and store your sheets after ironing, but you would be better off using it immediately to make a bed that everyone will love to sleep in.

The Indulgence of Freshly Ironed Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo rayon will not wrinkle excessively after washing, but this does not mean that you cannot iron your bamboo sheets. Crisp bedding makes for highly inviting beds, and you can achieve this effect with some ironing. Think of it as the ultimate indulgence for loved ones, guests, or yourself.

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