Can Bamboo Sheets Help with Your Itch?

by Bamboo Betty

Bamboo linen sheets can protect you from feeling itchy.

Bamboo linen sheets can help you itch less in bed. Feelings of itchiness are usually caused by allergies. When you feel itchy all night, it can disrupt your sleep and deprive you of much needed rest. You may wake up feeling lethargic and be unable to fully enjoy your daytime activities.

However, bamboo bed linen has several properties that help you fight against allergies. When there are less allergens in your bedding, you will not feel itchy as often and the severity of your symptoms will greatly diminish. Let us explore some of these amazing qualities in bamboo linens.

Bamboo Linen Sheets are Bacteria Resistant

Bacteria can cause itch-inducing infections. For example, the S. aureus bacteria is associated with atopic dermatitis, which is a condition characterized by chronic itch. Hence, a good strategy to reduce itchy symptoms is to decrease the amount of bacteria in your home, especially in your sleeping environment.

Bamboo linens can reduce bacteria growth rates. Scientific research has demonstrated that the growth rate of bacteria on bamboo rayon is significantly lower than the growth rate of bacteria on conventional cotton. If you need a bamboo sheet set King-size or Queen-size options can help prevent you from sweating during the night. Thus, they can lead to better overall sleep hygiene.

Bamboo Rayon Sheets: Available in these sizes

Bamboo Bed Linen Will Reduce the Number of Dust Mites in Your Bedding

Dust mites are microscopic bugs, measuring merely a hundredth of an inch. They themselves are harmless since they do not bite or sting. What they do instead is feed on dead skin cells and reproduce.

However, people can be allergic to their droppings, with symptoms such as sneezing, coughing, itchy eyes, itchy nose, and itchy throat. Since there a typically thousands of them everywhere, that is a lot of droppings! If the dust mite population grows too large, it may trigger bouts of allergic reactions due to an accumulation of dust mite droppings.

Bamboo linen sheets can greatly reduce the number of dust mites in your bedding. Since bamboo sheets are highly absorbent and moisture-wicking, they deprive dust mites of the moisture required for survival.

Use Bamboo Linens that are Free from Allergy-Causing Chemical Residue

Many types of bedsheets have chemicals added to them during the manufacturing process. For example, some brands of bed linen are treated with formaldehyde. But formaldehyde is known to cause various health problems, including symptoms associated with allergies such as itchy eyes and throat.

However, bamboo bed linen, especially those with sustainability certifications, do not contain any toxic chemicals. They undergo rigorous testing and are certified free from harmful substances by eco-standards organizations, such as Oeko-Tex.

When your bamboo linen sheets do not contain any chemical residue, your skin will not come into contact with those types of allergens. Therefore, you will be less likely to have any allergic reaction that causes itchiness.

Bamboo Linen Sheets Will Help You Put a Stop to Itchiness in Bed

Bamboo bed linen is an outstanding solution for reducing the number of allergens in your bed when compared to cotton sheets or linen sheets. This will greatly reduce the frequency and severity of your itch, ensuring that you sleep comfortably all night long.

When it comes to bamboo sheets Queen is the most popular size. However, there are also other size categories available. We wish you better sleep all night, every night.

Article By: Bamboo Betty Bautista

Bamboo Betty is a writer with Comfy Bamboo Sheets where she blogs regularly about various topics related to bamboo sheets. She has had extensive experience researching and answering all the questions that you wanted to know about bamboo bedding. If you have a question or any topic you want Bamboo Betty to write about, please get in touch via email.

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