Can Bamboo Fabric Sheets Go in the Dryer?

Can bamboo fabric sheets go in the dryer?

Can you put your bamboo fabric sheets into the dryer? Using the clothes dryer is very convenient and efficient. We may not always have sunny days that are ideal for hanging out our laundry to dry.

It could be raining or snowing, sometimes for weeks and months. Plus, the clothes dryer can dry your laundry in a fraction of the time it takes the sun to dry them. But will the clothes dryer damage your bamboo linen sheets?

Bamboo Fabric Sheets can be Damaged by High Temperatures

When your viscose bamboo sheets are repeatedly dried at high temperatures, they eventually weaken and tear more easily. This is in comparison to similar fabric that is dried outdoors in the sun or drip-dried indoors. Drying your bamboo sheets at high temperatures also produces more lint.

Therefore, good fabric care for bamboo sheets requires you to set your dryer to a low temperature when you are drying your delicate sheets. Doing this will significantly preserve the structural integrity of your bamboo rayon sheets.

Bamboo Linen Sheets can be Damaged by Excessive Abrasion

While in the dryer, your bamboo fabric sheets are tumbled continuously for the entire period of the drying cycle. The tumbling action of the dryers can cause abrasions. These abrasions are more severe when the viscose bamboo sheets are wet.

Therefore, it is best to use the gentle setting in the dryer when drying your bamboo bed sheets. Doing this will dramatically reduce the abrasion on your delicate fabrics.

Damage to Viscose Bamboo Sheets by Dryers Occur Over Extended Periods of Time

While severe damage is not immediately apparent when drying your bamboo fabric sheets in the dryer, abrasions and cracking damage will build up over time with repeated drying. This can reduce the strength of the fabric by as much as 25%.

Therefore, it is best to properly care for your bamboo sheets from their very first laundry cycle. And if you had not done so previously, it is not too late to start.

Caring Well for Your Bamboo Fabric Sheets Will Maximize their Longevity

So, please pay particular attention to use the correct temperature and gentle settings when you are drying your bamboo bed sheet set in the clothes dryer. When you properly care for your bamboo linen sheets, they will serve you well for many years.

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