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by Bamboo Betty

Best value bamboo sheets are great for different people.

Best value bamboo sheets are known for being sustainable, durable, soft, and cool to the touch, but there are different reasons why different people choose to sleep in them.

Anyone can get a good night's sleep covered in bamboo bed sheets. However, some people's lives are improved by this type of bedding because of specific health conditions.

Different People with Sensitive Skin can Find Relief in Best Value Bamboo Sheets

Ms. Maria Setsova has endured sensitive skin issues all her life. As long as she is able to avoid coming into contact with certain irritants, she does not have to deal with eczema outbreaks that result in widespread rashes. Ms. Setsova's sensitive skin is probably caused by genetics; her paternal grandmother suffered from a hypersensitive skin condition that forced her to stay home most of the time. Even though Maria's skin condition is not as bad as her grandmother's, she used to have a hard time sleeping because she felt itchy all over.

Bamboo bed sheets came into Maria's life after they were recommended by different people at her office. She did not know much about bamboo rayon, but she fell in love with how luxuriously smooth the fabric felt. Maria used to sleep in cotton sheets. She figured they were good enough because they were made from natural fibers. However, they caused irritation through friction and left her feeling itchy all night. After just one night sleeping in the best value bamboo sheets, Maria was happy to feel the fabric gliding across her skin instead of chafing.

The reason Maria feels better when wrapped in bamboo bed linen is because the yarn is smooth and tubular. In contrast, you may not realize that cotton threads are hairy unless you view them under a microscope. There are different reasons Maria sleeps better now, and one of them is that bamboo bedding feels a couple of degrees cooler when compared with other materials.

Bamboo Sheets: Available in these sizes

Night Sweats can be a Burden to Different People, but Best Value Bamboo Sheets are a Solution

Ms. Cartwright, a woman in her fifties, started experiencing the hot flashes associated with hormonal changes early in her menopause. These brief vasomotor symptoms were no big deal until they started happening very frequently at night. Ms. Cartwright would wake up several hours earlier than expected because her sheets were soaked. Although she tried to take this situation in stride, she felt embarrassed because of her husband sleeping next to her.

While researching her condition online, Ms. Cartwright came across a few articles recommending the best value bamboo sheets to hot sleepers. A key feature was the fabric's breathable property, which provided the ventilation she needed during this stage of her life. Nowadays, Ms. Cartwright no longer needs to worry about damp sheets, and she is glad her husband does not have to deal with them either.

Of the several reasons Ms. Cartwright switched to bamboo bedding, the most important is that the fabric has micro-gaps. The elevated body temperature she experiences at this stage in her life makes her body radiate heat. Thankfully, bamboo rayon fabric allows this heat to escape instead of accumulating under the sheets.

Bamboo Rayon Sheets can Reduce Certain Types of Allergens in Bedding, which can Trigger Asthma in Different People

Ms. Ogawa has a son who suffers from various health conditions. One of them is uncontrollable asthma attacks that would leave him wheezing and gasping for air in the morning. This heartbreaking condition would take a toll on the rest of the Ogawa household as family members got ready for work and school.

A visit to the local library informed Ms. Ogawa that the best value bamboo sheets could alleviate her son's condition. While reading a magazine article, Ms. Ogawa learned about the bacteria-resistant properties of bamboo rayon fabric. She decided to give it a try, and she was happy to see her son waking up without having to endure asthma episodes. Before long, her entire family was sleeping in bamboo bedding.

Something else Ms. Ogawa learned is that asthma is often aggravated by triggers that irritate the upper respiratory tract. Dust mites and their droppings are notorious in this regard, but they cannot thrive in bamboo bed sheets because of the moisture-wicking action of the fabric. In essence, Ms. Ogawa lowered the ability of dust mites to form colonies in the bedding, thus erasing a night-time asthma trigger.

Best Value Bamboo Sheets can Improve the Lives of Different People in Different Ways

As you can glean from the three situations described herein, bamboo rayon sheets have various properties that can accommodate the needs of different people, particularly those who deal with certain health conditions. At Comfy Bamboo Sheets, our mission is make these life-changing sheets accessible to all by providing high-quality sets at a competitive price. You can browse our Queen, King, California King, or Full-size bamboo sheets today.

Article By: Bamboo Betty Bautista

Bamboo Betty is a writer with Comfy Bamboo Sheets where she blogs regularly about various topics related to bamboo sheets. She has had extensive experience researching and answering all the questions that you wanted to know about bamboo bedding. If you have a question or any topic you want Bamboo Betty to write about, please get in touch via email.

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