Best Bamboo Sheets to Buy

Best Bamboo Sheets to Buy

The best bamboo sheets to buy are those with optimum qualities for comfort, durability, and safety. When buying bamboo sheets, you should consider the thread count, the type of weave, and any certifications that the bamboo rayon sheets have received from environmental organizations.

When Buying Bamboo Sheets, Consider the Thread Count

The thread count makes a big difference, but there is a common false belief concerning this. Many people believe that high thread counts make for better bedsheets. However, a thread count that is too high can actually have negative effects. Also, the optimal thread count for the best bamboo sheets to buy is different from that of cotton sheets.

A Thread Count that is Too High Results in Bamboo Bed Sheets that are Not as Breathable

If the thread count is too high, bamboo rayon sheets will not be as breathable. In these cases, the yarn is woven too tightly for air to easily flow through the fabric.

Moreover, fabrics with thread counts that are too high are often made using inferior threads. Manufacturers of these sheets often twist multiple low quality threads together to create a kind of two-ply yarn. In this way, they can claim to have an unrealistically high thread count. This is a deceptive marketing tactic and such substandard yarns tend to unravel and break over time, which leads to pilling. You may end up having to frequently pick fuzz balls out of your sheets.

Buying Bamboo Sheets with Too Low a Thread Count Will Result in Bedding that is not as Soft and Smooth

The lower the thread count, the more breathable the fabric is. However, if the thread count is too low, the sheets will feel rough and scratchy. You will not get the softness and smoothness that bamboo rayon is famous for.

Bamboo bed sheets with too low a thread count are also structurally weaker and are more prone to snagging.

For the Best Bamboo Sheets to Buy, The Optimal Thread Count is 300

The perfect thread count for bamboo bed sheets is 300. At a thread count of 300, the bedsheet is super soft, velvety smooth, and refreshingly breathable.

Bamboo Bed Sheets with Tight Twill Weave are More Durable and Drape Better

Twill weave is a type of weave that involves a diagonal rib across the fabric. This method is done by moving the weft thread through several warp threads, rather than the single thread of a traditional weave. Twill weave looks ribbed on the front but smooth on the back.

Twill weave secures the threads in bamboo sheets and protects them from snagging on hard objects. Therefore, fabric with twill weave is more durable than those with sateen weave. Additionally, twill weave drapes better over your body so that the sheets hug you snugly and make you feel pampered.

Tight twill weave further enhances the softness and durability of regular twill weave by weaving the yarn at a finer level.

Certifications from Eco-Standards Organizations Ensures that Your Bamboo Rayon Sheets are Tested for Harmful Substances and are Sustainably Produced

The best bamboo sheets to buy are environmentally friendly, and it is important to look for certifications from eco-standards organizations. Certified products meet extremely high standards of sustainability and ethics.

One such certification to look for is OEKO-TEX. Products certified by OEKO-TEX are tested for harmful substances and verified in independent laboratories. This certification is worthwhile to have because any chemical residue left on your bedsheets can irritate your skin and rob you of your precious sleep.

The Best Bamboo Sheets to Buy are Comfortable, Durable, and Free from Chemical Irritants

When buying bamboo sheets, you want those that are made for comfort and built to last. The thread count makes a big difference in softness and durability. Furthermore, you will also appreciate how twill weave can extend the lifespan of your bamboo rayon sheets and help it drape comfortably on your body. Finally, you want bamboo sheets that are free from any harmful chemicals so that you can sleep free from chemical irritants or health hazards.

Keep these in mind and you will certainly find some bamboo sheet sets that are perfect for your needs. Here’s to you having better sleep all night, every night!

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