Bed Sheets that Pill are Unsightly and Uncomfortable

Bed sheets that pill are unsightly and uncomfortable

Bed sheets that pill are not the most comfortable to sleep on. The pills, also known as fuzzballs or lint balls, are unsightly and they make the bed linen look grubby. They also make your sheets feel lumpy, thereby reducing comfort. Thankfully, it is quite easy to avoid pilling on your bed linen.

Bed sheets with tight twill weave are resistant to pilling

Firstly, get non-pilling sheets! Bamboo sheets, which are made of 100% rayon from bamboo, are resistant to pilling if they have a tight twill weave. Tight twill weave keeps the sheet fibers secure and prevents them from snagging. It also gives the bed sheets a beautiful sheen.

Do not use bed linen with sateen weave because those tend to snag more easily. Then you will not be asking yourself, “why are my bamboo sheets pilling?”

Bed sheets should be washed separately

Secondly, do not washing your bamboo sheets and bath towels together. Towels tend to produce a lot of lint and it is especially true for very new towels and very old towels. Brand-new towels have lots of excess fibers and it takes multiple wash cycles to get rid of their accumulated lint. Extremely old towels are inclined to shed a lot of lint because they are actually in the process of decomposing! Washing your bamboo sheets with towels results in a lot of friction that causes pilling.

Even better, wash and dry your bamboo bed sheets separately from all other types of laundry. You will certainly want to avoid snagging your bed linen on zippers, pins, cuffs, or buckles or causing too much friction by having the sheets repeatedly rubbed against denim or other hard fabrics as it tumbles around in the washer and dryer.

Use mild liquid detergent for washing bamboo bed sheets

Some materials are more delicate than others, such as bamboo sheets. They should be washed using milder detergents.

If you use a detergent that is too harsh, it can damage the fabric. This can cause the fibers to break and the sheet to pill. Also, chlorine bleach is a definite no-no for delicate materials.

For bamboo rayon sheets, we recommend mild liquid detergent such as:

  • Ecos
  • Mrs. Myers
  • Woolite
  • Seventh Generation
  • ECover
  • Kirkland Ultra Clean

Using baby shampoo to wash your bamboo bed sheets is also a genius idea.

Bed linen can be damaged by washer and dryer balls

Next, avoid using washer and dryer balls when laundering your bedsheets. As the washer and dryer balls tumble around in the washing machine and dryer, they will continually batter and rub against your bedsheets. Oftentimes, these washer and dryer balls have sharp edges and tips that may snag your sheets, resulting in pilling. Bamboo sheets can be damaged when subject to such prolonged physical torment.

Bamboo sheets should be washed with cool water and dried with low heat

Lastly, you should wash your bamboo sheets with cool water and dry them with low to medium heat. Using hot water for washing and high heat for drying creates additional friction. Therefore, you will want to avoid doing this to your bed linen because too much friction results in pilling.

Pilling can be overcome with the right type of bed sheets

We certainly hope that your bamboo sheet sets will bring you many comfortable nights and much better sleep. Pilling can easily be overcome if you start with the right type of bamboo viscose sheets.

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