Bamboo Viscose vs Bamboo Rayon

bamboo viscose versus bamboo rayon

Bamboo viscose vs bamboo rayon: Is there really a difference between the two? Both are fabrics made from the fibers of the Bambusoideae plant family and their textile manufacturing processes are very similar. However, there are some technical distinctions.

Right off the bat, you should know that bamboo sheets made with either rayon or viscose fabrics will not let you down. They are soft, smooth, cool to the touch, and durable. Bamboo rayon sheets are highly recommended for those who wish to experience a luxurious sleep.

What is Bamboo Viscose?

As its name suggests, bamboo viscose is made with a viscous mix of cellulose fibers. The main goal of viscose fabrics is to simulate silk. The raw materials used to make viscose are natural, but the end result is semi-synthetic because such blends are not found in nature. Bamboo is not the only material used for producing viscose textiles. Hemp, wool, and cotton can also be processed into viscose fabrics.

In the textile industry, viscose is the term used to refer to a method that has been around since the late 19th century. The original patent shines a light on the intent of its inventors, two British chemical engineers who sought to make silk through artificial means.

What is Bamboo Rayon?

There is a good chance that the bamboo sheets you purchase today are labeled as bamboo rayon. However, they may actually be viscose. When the aforementioned viscose patent was established, it was initially marketed as artificial silk, which did not stick. Another proposed name, Glos, also failed to catch on. The French word "rayon" means ray of light, and it had been used centuries ago to describe cloth. Therefore, it was ultimately selected by American marketers in the mid-1920s.

Based on the above, we can safely say that the bamboo viscose vs bamboo rayon matter is mostly related to a slight confusion created by American marketers nearly a century ago. This is why you are likely to see bamboo sheets being labeled as rayon in the United States while being labeled as viscose in Europe.

Difference Between Rayon and Viscose Bamboo Sheets

When we talk about rayon vs viscose bamboo, it should be noted that they are both synthetic. However, this does not mean that polyester materials are used. Bamboo sheets labeled as 100% bamboo can be interchangeably referred to as rayon, viscose, and even viscose rayon. In some cases, the label may not indicate 100% rayon, which suggests that other fibers have been added to the mix.

Bamboo Rayon vs Bamboo Viscose

For all practical purposes, your choice of bamboo sheets does not have to hinge upon whether they were made with the rayon or viscose textile processes. The confusion surrounding bamboo viscose vs bamboo rayon does not really matter. The smooth and silky quality of bamboo viscose or bamboo rayon are loved by many and not all brands choose to identify their bamboo sheets in one way or the other. What we can say with certainty is that you can never go wrong with bamboo viscose sheets as part of your bedding.

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