Bamboo Sheets in Motels

Bamboo sheets are better for staying at a motel.

Why should you bring your own bamboo sheets when you stay in a motel? Reasons for a stayover at a motel can include long road trips, a stopover after camping in the woods, or the need for temporary accommodation due to severe family quarrels. A good night’s sleep is important for rest and restoration. During lengthy travels or times of distress, it is common to feel physically and mentally drained.

However, bamboo sheets can improve the comfort level of your sleeping environment and make your accommodations more bearable. If you find yourself staying in a lodge, bed and breakfast, or cheap hotel, having your own bamboo sheet set with you can add a touch of luxury to your night and make it feel like home.

The Typical Motel Experience

When you check into an economy inn, you may not expect the same level of comfort and luxury as what you have in hotels or your own home. A common cost-saving strategy that motels employ is to furnish rooms with the least expensive amenities. This can compromise on the quality of important sleep-affecting items, such as bedsheets. You may have experienced motel bedsheets that are scratchy and rough on the skin. The bedding may even have been laundered with products that trigger your allergies.

If you find yourself in this situation, having your own bamboo sheets with you can provide relief and help you get the restful sleep that you need. Bamboo rayon sheets are soft and feel like silk sheets. They glide effortlessly over your skin, which is something you can seldom say about cheap sheets in a motel. Also, you have control over what detergents you use to launder your own bedsheets.

Furthermore, cheap motels often have inadequate heating or cooling systems. If your room is too hot, your own bamboo bed sheets will wick moisture away from your skin. This can create a cooling effect as the perspiration evaporates. If the room is too cold, your bamboo bed sheets trap air in the micro-gaps within the fabric. This adds a layer of insulation to protect you from the chilly surroundings.

Bamboo Rayon Sheets: Available in these sizes

Bamboo Sheets Resist Odors and Bacteria

The cheap motel experience can be quite an adventure, and you may encounter odor in the room. Thankfully, bamboo sheets resist odors and hamper bacterial growth. These go a long way in bringing relief to skin irritation or allergies and can contribute to a better night's sleep. Hence, bringing your own bamboo viscose sheets along with you is one way to ensure that your sheets are always fresh.

Another good reason to bring along your own bamboo rayon sheets is that you can purchase an environmentally friendly brand that contains no formaldehyde. If you sleep on motel sheets, you have no way to determine what is in them or which products were used on them. The typical cheap sheets used in motels are often not from sustainable sources, as the cost is their main concern.

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You can Improve Your Sleeping Conditions in a Motel

These various benefits can be achieved by bringing your own bamboo sheets to a motel or other lodging and they can make your night a little more comfortable. The little pleasures in life can make the biggest difference in your overall experience. Bamboo bedding can improve your level of comfort, help regulate temperature, and provide you with a better night's rest. Moreover, you will also feel secure in knowing where they came from and how they were washed. Your own bamboo sheet set can contribute to you feeling more rested in the morning. Then, you will be ready to face all the challenges and adventures that await you during your day.

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