Bamboo Sheets in Hotels

Bamboo sheets can greatly benefit guests at hotels.

Bamboo sheets at hotels can go a long way in putting together a luxurious sleeping environment. Hotel directors and managers know that the right bedding configuration can make a significant difference in providing an unforgettable guest experience.

Let us review a few situations involving travelers who can really appreciate seeing bamboo rayon sheets at their hotels.

Bamboo Sheets in Hotels are Perfect for Business Travelers Who Are Fussy Sleepers

The basics of accommodation and hospitality design largely center on catering to guests who travel for business purposes. Once you make things comfortable and convenient for business travelers at your hotel or resort, designing experiences for the rest of your clients is a lot easier. What we must remember is that business travelers appreciate every minute of sleep they can get, and this is when bamboo bed sheets come into play.

Managers of hotels that cater to the business travel segment know that some of their guests can be fussy sleepers. We are talking about people who experience night sweats or who have sensitive skin. The breathable fibers of bamboo rayon sheets keep people cool at night because they do not trap body heat. At the same time, bamboo bedding smoothly glides over the skin like silk sheets, thus reducing the likelihood of chafing. Once a business traveler falls in love with your bamboo sheets, you can rest assured that brand loyalty will follow.

Bamboo Bed Sheets: Available in these sizes

Build Brand Loyalty with Families at Holiday Resorts by Using Bamboo Sheets

An all-inclusive resort has an excellent opportunity to foster brand loyalty with bamboo viscose sheets on a generational level. Business travelers are mostly impressed one at a time. However, a family on vacation can result in multiple good impressions during a single visit. What we must remember about family guests is that they will be happy if everyone in the group is happy.

Suppose a member of a traveling family suffers from nighttime asthma. This is a situation when bamboo rayon sheets can save the day. Acariform droppings, more commonly referred to as dust mites, are among the most common triggers of asthma episodes. If asthma attacks only affect you at night or when you lay down in bed, chances are that dust mite droppings are to blame. Nighttime allergies triggered by dust mite droppings are not a problem with bamboo bed sheets because of their moisture-resistant properties. This is because acariform organisms have a reduced ability to form colonies when they lack access to moisture.

Bamboo sheets have better antibacterial properties than their cotton and linen counterparts. This is another reason that people who suffer from asthma or respiratory allergies often use bamboo rayon sheets as bedding. Incidentally, another advantage of this bacterial resistance is that bamboo rayon does not retain unpleasant odors.

Help Pilots and Flight Attendants to Recuperate During Their Hotel Stays with Bamboo Sheets

For many hotels located close to airports and international travel hubs, being able to capture the flight crew segment can translate into steady revenue. The last thing a hotelier wants would be to lose a continual flow of guests whose overnight stays are covered by airlines, particularly if the loss could have been avoided with the right bedding.

What flight crew members primarily expect from their hotel stays is the best sleep possible before they return to their flying jobs. A good night's sleep is essential for anyone whose work involves the safe operation of aircraft. The superior comfort provided by bamboo sheets is something that flight crews can truly appreciate.

Bamboo Bedding is an Excellent Choice for Hotels

Whether you operate a roadside motel, a rural inn, a mountain lodge, or a beach resort, choosing bamboo sheets is likely to bring positive results. It is important to note that a good night's sleep is something that hotel guests tend to remember unconsciously. They may not even be aware that the bedding they enjoyed so much was made from bamboo rayon, but deep in their minds they will recall sleeping soundly and feeling great in the morning.

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