Bamboo Sheets can Bring Relief to Skin Irritation

Bamboo viscose sheets can bring relief to skin irritation.

Bamboo viscose has various qualities that can bring relief to skin irritation. Many people love bamboo rayon fabric for its ability to soothe sensitive skin. People with sensitive skin need to be cautious about the products they buy. While some fabric textures and chemical residues can cause allergic reactions, the many benefits of bamboo sheets will help to alleviate skin conditions and give you healthier skin.

Bamboo Viscose and Skin Irritation

People with sensitive skin can technically react to anything. But bamboo viscose fabric outperforms typical cotton fabric for several reasons:

  • It resists bacterial growth.
  • It reduces the buildup of allergens.
  • It keeps you cooler and more comfortable.
  • It is often manufactured without potentially harmful chemicals.

Minimize Your Skin Irritation with Bacteria Resistant Qualities of Bamboo Viscose Fabric

Bamboo rayon fabric has bacteria resistant qualities. Research indicates that bamboo viscose will reduce the growth rate of bacteria. In contrast, bacteria grows at a normal rate on regular cotton.

This means that rayon made from bamboo has antimicrobial properties that cotton fabric does not. Not only will it stay clean for longer, but it will better protect your skin if you suffer from acne and other bacteria-related conditions.

Bamboo Bed Sheets: Available in these sizes

Bamboo Rayon Fabric Can Reduce the Buildup of Allergens that Cause Skin Irritation

It is difficult for common allergens like mold, mildew, and dust mites to make a home in bamboo bed sheets. Bamboo viscose wicks away the moisture that is required by these allergens to grow well. Therefore, bamboo bed linen is perfect for you If you find yourself suffering skin allergies due to your bedding.

Confused about the difference between rayon and viscose?

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Soothe Your Skin Irritation by Keeping Your Skin Cool with Rayon Made from Bamboo

Certain types of rashes, especially an armpit rash or thigh rash, can be caused by heat. Sweat becomes trapped underneath your skin due to clogged sweat gland ducts, leading to inflammation. This miliaria, or sweat rash, can be itchy and irritable.

It is important to keep your skin cool throughout the night to avoid heat rash and night sweats. Bamboo viscose sheets are breathable fabrics and have micro-gaps that trap cool air. Fresh air consistently perforates the fabric to cool your body during the night and keep you from overheating.

The Non-Abrasive Properties of Bamboo Viscose will Soothe Your Skin Irritation

Sometimes skin irritation is caused by chafing. Scratchy fabrics can make a dryskin rash even worse.

Bamboo rayon fabric is less abrasive than linen or cotton. They have a feathery softness and luxurious smoothness that allows them to glide easily over your skin. Even if you toss and turn throughout the night, you will not have to deal with uncomfortable chafing.

Keep the thread count in mind when you're buying your sheets. Bamboo sheets woven with a thread count of about 300 will be smooth and soft without the risk of snagging or tearing.

Choose a Bamboo Sheet Set with OEKO-TEX Certifications

If you are looking for bamboo rayon sheets to help with rashes on your skin, it is a good idea to buy those with OKEO-TEX certifications. Products with OKEO-TEX certifications have been tested and audited for harmful substances. Hence, you can feel confident that you are sleeping on bedding that does not have any chemical residue that can cause skin irritation or bamboo allergy rash.

Skin Irritation can be Relieved by Bamboo Viscose

While any material has the potential to cause allergic dermatitis, bamboo bed sheets are much less likely to irritate the skin than typical cotton sheets. In fact, several different aspects of bamboo viscose fabric can soothe skin irritation.

Bamboo viscose sheets are breathable, so they can prevent you from developing a heat rash. Their softness can help with eczema and dry skin, and their bacteria resistant qualities help minimize acne breakouts on your body.

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