Are Bamboo Sheets Soft?

Super soft bamboo sheets for silky smoothness

Yes, bamboo sheets are soft. Ours are made of 100% rayon from bamboo, give you a good night’s sleep and let you wake up feeling energized, ready to fully enjoy your daytime activities. Bamboo fabric, being twice as soft as conventional cotton, makes you feel thoroughly pampered.

Bed sheets that are made from 100% rayon from bamboo give you the genuine experience of extreme softness and silky smoothness that bamboo fabric sheets are known for.

Bamboo fabric sheets are softer than cotton sheets

Why are the best rated bamboo sheets so soft? One of the benefits of bamboo sheets is that bamboo rayon fibers are usually softer than conventional cotton fibers. Generally, a piece of fabric will feel softer when the thread count is increased. However, rayon from bamboo fibers produce softer sheets at lower thread counts than cotton fibers can produce at higher thread counts.

For super soft bamboo sheets, a thread count of 300 is gives you the best balance

However, it is worth noting that when the thread count is too high, the weave will be too tight, and this will result in reduced breathability. The bamboo linen sheets have a thread count of 300 because this will give you the perfect balance between softness and breathability.

Bamboo Sheets: Available in these sizes

Super soft bamboo sheets are known to drape well, and they practically hug you

Moreover, super soft bamboo sheets will drape very differently over your body and feel incredibly comforting against your skin. They are so soft and so malleable; some people even say that bamboo fabric practically hugs you and keeps you feeling snug.

Bamboo fabric sheets have more surface area with smooth fiber sides instead of fiber tips

Why are bamboo fabric sheets so smooth? One reason is that bamboo rayon fibers are round and fine. This results in fabric that is non-abrasive and glides easily over the skin. Bamboo rayon yarn also has a lower hairiness rating than conventional cotton yarn. This means that fabric made from bamboo rayon fibers has more surface area of smooth fiber sides instead of fiber tips.

The best bamboo sheets have tight twill weave that resists pilling

Furthermore, the bamboo linen sheets have a tight twill weave that locks in the fibers and resists pilling. When pilling is eliminated, you are left with the incredible softness and refreshing breathability of super soft bamboo sheets that feel smooth like silk sheets.

Bamboo fabric sheets exude luxury and comfort, making you feel pampered all night long

Now that you know why soft bamboo sheets are so comfortable, why not experience it for yourself? Imagine being wrapped in luxurious comfort that will make you feel pampered all night long. When it comes to bamboo sheets King is the most suitable for couples. However, there are also other sizes available to properly fit your bed measurements.

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