Are Bamboo Sheets Good for Summer?

The Best Bamboo Cooling Sheets for Hot Summer Nights

The best bamboo cooling sheets can help you to survive those hot summer nights. If you are fortunate enough to have an air conditioner, it is easy to keep everyone comfortable during the long hot summer. However, if you do not have one or want to save on your cooling bills, the wet hot American summer can be unbearable.

Let us explore a few things that you can do to keep yourself and your family cool and comfortable.

Use the Best Bamboo Cooling Sheets During Hot Summer Nights

One of the best choices for keeping cool during a hot summer night is bamboo cooling sheets. Bamboo sheets for hot sleepers can keep your body comfortably dry. They wick away your perspiration so that, as the moisture evaporates, it creates a cooling effect that you can feel.

You will find that the best cooling bamboo sheets are breathable and provide cooling comfort during the long hot summer. They are not as scratchy as cotton sheets and have micro-gaps in the fabric that trap cool air and allow heat to escape. The excess heat from your body rises to the surface of the sheets where it dissipates, leaving you cool and refreshed.

For those who suffer from night sweats and hot flashes, the best bamboo cooling sheets can help you to survive the long hot summer. They are highly absorbent and will not become saturated with sweat. The wicking action of bamboo rayon takes the sweat away which allows you to remain comfortable and dry all night long.

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Stay Cool in the Daytime During a Hot Summer with These Clever Ideas

While the best bamboo cooling sheets can keep you cool in the night, here are a few things you can do in the daytime to stay cool during a hot summer.

1. Take Advantage of Cooler Temperatures in the Morning

You can cool down the temperature of your home when temperatures are cooler outside. As soon as you rise from your bamboo cooling sheets, open all the windows first thing in the morning. Also, if you have any strenuous activity planned, like house cleaning or yard work, getting it done early before the sun gets too hot is an excellent way to stay cool. If you are an early riser, this tip should be easy to do during the long hot summer.

2. Avoid Cooking Hot Meals

The food you eat can play an important part in staying cool. First off, you will probably want to avoid cooking hot meals that heat the house. Eating refreshing foods that include raw vegetables and dips, like hummus, helps to hydrate you. They also fill your body with the vitamins and minerals that you lose during the hot summer weather. Fruits and salads also have a cooling effect. While you are at it, you might want to try a delicious smoothie for a cool summer treat.

3. Get Plenty of Water

On a hot summer day, drinking water is the most important thing you can do to stay cool. Keeping a stainless-steel water bottle in the refrigerator is an excellent way to feel refreshed. You can try replacing the ice with frozen fruit and berries for a special summer flavored water. Keeping soda pop or fruit juice is a bad idea because it might cut down on the amount of water you drink throughout the day.

4. Enjoy a Shady Spot

On a hot summer day, the best place to be is in a shady spot or in the water. You might try a public pool or under a tree by a lake or creek. You can also spread your best bamboo cooling sheets over your head like a tent to provide some shade. If you live in a city that has a park with sprinkler systems, take the kids there for some summer fun. A good old-fashioned water fight is always a good way to cool down.

5. Fans and Ice Cubes for Cooling

One hack for surviving a wet hot American summer is to place a bowl of ice cubes on a table a few feet in front of a fan. It works the same way an air conditioner does by blowing cold air into the room. You will be surprised how much it cools you down when you sit in front of it, and it will also cool the rest of the room.

Keep Your Family Cool with the Best Bamboo Cooling Sheets and Some Clever Ideas

Now you have several ideas for surviving the long hot summer. The best bamboo cooling sheets have many benefits that can keep you cool on hot summer nights yet cozy warm on chilly winter evenings, and various clever methods can keep you cool during a hot summer day. There is no reason to suffer just because you do not have air conditioning. Even though few of us can remember it, there was a time not so long ago when people relied on these ways to keep cool all the time.

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