Are Bamboo Sheets Good for Eczema?

Bamboo fabric can give eczema relief.

Bamboo fabric has many benefits for those who suffer from eczema or who have any symptoms of dermatitis. When flare-ups occur at night, an eczema rash makes sleep extremely difficult.

According to Medical News Today, up to 87.1 percent of adults and 83 percent of children in the US have trouble with sleep due to eczema symptoms at night.

Bamboo Fabric Has Micro-Gaps

Micro-gaps occur naturally in the fibers of bamboo viscose. These tiny holes are not visible to the eye but allow heat released by one's body to escape through the sheets while also enabling cool air to flow towards the body through the fabric. This ventilation provides soothing relief from eczema symptoms brought on by lingering dampness on the skin from perspiration.

Bamboo Rayon is a Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Another one of the amazing benefits of bamboo sheets is that they are moisture-wicking. This means that bamboo fabric will pull perspiration away from the skin and towards the surface of the cloth. There, the moisture can evaporate quickly so that the sheets do not become saturated.

When eczema afflicted areas of skin are in contact with damp fabric, they are likely to become more inflamed, leading to greater discomfort. Hence, bamboo viscose can help prevent inflammation by keeping your skin in contact with dry fabric.

Bamboo Sheets: Available in these sizes

Bamboo Fabric is Smoother at the Microscopic Level

When examined under a microscopic, conventional cotton fibers look rough and prickly. The fibers of bamboo rayon, however, are look round, tubular, and smooth. Hence, bamboo sheets glide easily over your skin and do not chafe. Sensitive skin will feel more comfortable against the smoother texture of bamboo fabric.

Bamboo Viscose is Not Treated with Toxic Chemicals Such as Formaldehyde

Used as a treatment process for anti-wrinkling, the toxins that coat the surface of many linens are common irritants that worsen eczema symptoms and other skin conditions.

Bamboo bed sheets are generally not treated with these chemicals. To be sure, we recommend getting your bamboo rayon sheets only from retailers that display certifications from eco-standards organizations, such as Oeko-Tex. These sustainable certifications guarantee that there are no harmful substances in their products.

Bamboo Fabric is Hypoallergenic

Bamboo rayon is resistant to mildew and bacteria. Allergens, bacteria, and mildew are all known factors that significantly increase the severity of eczema symptoms. Studies have shown that bamboo viscose dramatically reduces the growth rate of bacteria.

Bamboo Fabric with Tight Twill Weave are Resistant to Pilling

Tight twill weave secures the fiber in the sheets, making them less likely to snag, break, and pill. Since, pilling creates a rougher fabric that irritates the skin and causes it to itch, bamboo bedding reduces skin irritation when made with tight twill weave.

Would you like to know more about the difference between bamboo viscose and bamboo rayon?

Get Relief and Sleep Better with Bamboo Sheets

We have discussed many ways that rayon from bamboo sheets can help people who have eczema sleep better. Therefore, they can help to end the itch-scratch cycle that robs eczema patients of a good night’s sleep.

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