Are Bamboo Sheets Cool?

bamboo viscose bed sheets can keep you cool

Yes, bamboo sheets are cool. If you have night sweats and hot flashes, you may be looking for a way to overcome that moist and clammy feeling. Feeling cool and dry certainly enables you to sleep better and more easily at night.

The good news is that viscose sheets can indeed keep you feeling cool during hot nights yet comfortably warm during cold nights, all thanks to the various properties inherent to bamboo fabric.

Bamboo viscose bed sheets are superb at regulating your body temperature

Firstly, 100% viscose bamboo sheets, which are made of 100% rayon from bamboo, are refreshingly cool because they have micro-gaps that allow your body heat to escape. The micro-gaps also trap cool air and do not retain excess body heat under the covers. They help to regulate your body temperature, ensuring that you feel neither too hot nor too cold. On average, bamboo rayon fabric feels about 3 degrees cooler than cotton fabric.

Bamboo viscose bed sheets are excellent at keeping your skin well-ventilated

Moreover, the micro-gaps in bamboo fabric provide ventilation and help prevent your skin from becoming sticky and sweaty. Air circulates more easily through bed sheets that are made of bamboo viscose and this helps your perspiration evaporate faster. In fact, viscose sheets are 3 times more breathable than conventional cotton.

Bamboo Sheets: Available in these sizes

Viscose bed sheets keep you dry and comfortable all night long

Furthermore, viscose sheets are highly absorbent and moisture-wicking. Bamboo fabric absorbs much more than its weight in water. It pulls perspiration away from your skin and transfers the moisture to the outer surface of the sheet where it evaporates. This allows you to avoid those feelings of dampness and sleep cool and comfortably all night long.

100% viscose bamboo sheets can improve the quality of your sleep

So, do bamboo viscose bed sheets keep you cool? Our conclusion is a resounding yes! Feeling cool certainly improves your quality of sleep because of your body’s sleep and wake cycle, or circadian rhythm. Your body naturally expects a cooler temperature at night, and the key to better sleep is reducing the amount of energy your body needs to spend regulating your body temperature. Sleeping cool results in deeper sleep with less movement, and you will wake up feeling more refreshed.

Sometimes, people call it bamboo rayon. At other times, they call it bamboo viscose. Are they the same?

Viscose sheets help keep our planet cool too

Not only do 100% viscose bamboo sheets keep you cool and dry throughout the night, but they are also much softer and smoother than conventional cotton sheets. Plus, they are eco-friendly and sustainable, so you will certainly be doing your part to keep the climate cool when you choose bamboo viscose sheets.

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